Swan Reach Bowling Club donation from Lion

Swan Reach Bowling Club Rebuilds to Roll Again

by Marketing on September 29, 2023

To comeback after their clubrooms and greens were flood damaged then swallowed in mud took a special group of people to roll up their sleeves and clean up the whole facility to get rolling again. Three banks have been replaced, along with new plinths and a new kitchen now installed, but there is still moisture coming up through the floor so the carpets will have to wait.

Even though they played away for the rest of the season after the flood, terrific results spurred them on and they finished a difficult season winning the pennant in the Mid Murray Association.

This week the club had a visit from Lion Riverland Sales Executive Martin Hill, who you can see pictured above with President Wayne Fromm, in front of the fridge full of beer that Lion donated to help the club get back on their feet for the upcoming season. Martin said “West End has been proudly supporting local South Australian communities for 164 years. We were concerned to hear of the drastic impact that last year’s floods had on the Swan Reach Bowls Club, and naturally were keen to help out with 10 cartons of donated stock to help fill the clubs fridge ahead of the upcoming season.”

In reaction to receiving a fridge full of beverages Swan Reach’s President Wayne Fromm said “It was really good of Lion, they gave us ten cartons of beer and cider mainly, which filled the fridge for us to start off again with.”

“We’ve done a fair bit of work. There’s been a lot of work by all the committee, we’ve had a lot of donations from a lot of people, people have been fantastic to us really.”

Wayne is happy to report “We are going to start bowling again on the green. It’s not perfect, but it’s near enough to perfect so we will be able to start the season. We haven’t got everything perfect but it’s good enough to get started.”

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