Model Club Constitution

Model Club Constitution

The Model Club Constitution has been prepared by the Governance Committee, in
consultation with member clubs. We are grateful to all who provided feedback and input.

Here are instructions regarding how to use this document:

  1. All items on the form, highlighted in yellow, include either instructions or items to updated by the Club (such
    as (insert club name here.) )
  2. Address each highlighted item, being sure to delete the parentheses and instructions and
    remove the highlights as you go.
  3. To ensure your edits did not impact the numbering or pagination, when you have finished
    updating, be sure to double check:
    a. Page breaks are still in logical places
    b. All the clause numbering
    c. The table of contents
    i. Hover your mouse over the table of contents (it should all look like it’s
    highlighted grey) and right click
    ii. You will see a menu
  4. Select ‘Update Field’
  5. Select ‘Update Page Numbers Only’ (unless you changed any headings,
    then select the other option
    iii. Double check it worked properly
  6. Once you have adopted you must:
    a. Lodge it with Consumer and Business Services
    Follow this link for current information and instructions:
    b. Send a Copy to Bowls SA on or via the online form as part of
    your Post AGM requirements.

More Info

Please contact the Bowls SA Office on 8234 7544 or