Pennant Permit

Pennant Permit

A fully registered member of a Bowls SA affiliated club may play in a mid-week (Monday – Friday inclusive) pennant competition or Saturday (including Friday night) pennant competition for a Member Club other than the member’s nominated Member Club provided:

  • The member’s nominated Member Club does not participate in a comparable mid-week (Monday-Friday inclusive) pennant competition or Saturday (including Friday night) pennant competition;
  • Both Member Clubs involved consent
  • A Pennant Permit Request Form is completed and approved by the relevant association/s annually

All Associations are to administer the Pennant Permit in line with the Bowls SA By-Laws.

  • A Pennant Permit is required to play for clubs within the same association (intra-association) is to be decided by the relevant Association.
  • Permission to play for clubs in different associations (inter-association) is to be decided by both Associations.

Intrastate Pennant Permit

If you would like to play either a mid-week or Saturday competition, if your primary club doesn’t have a team within the respective competition, please:

  1. Read the attached form, to see if you would be applicable for the permit, if so:
    1. Get both clubs involved (Current club to fill out section 1 and secondary club to fill out section 2)
    2. The form will need to be sent the association which the competition is held (this may be two associations if inter-association permit)
    3. A payment of $20 to the association needs to be completed
    4. Associations are required to send the completed form to Bowls SA, to finalise the process and input the changes via Bowlslink.

Interstate Pennant Declaration

If a player wishes to play in a Pennant competition within a different State of Territory Association (STA), which is different from the STA their primary club is affiliated, please:

  1. Download and read the Interstate Pennant Declaration form
  2. Gain approval from your current club and name the club you will be representing in another State
  3. The singed form needs to be sent Bowls SA via for approval.
  4. Bowls SA will approve the Pennant Declaration and send a copy to the State Governing Body you wish to join for approval.
  5. The State Governing Body will then update your details on Bowlslink (if applicable)

More Info

Please contact the Bowls SA Office on 8234 7544 or
if you require any further information.