Ask the Umpire

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Some Frequently Asked Questions below:

Q – Can I wait to mark a toucher while the next bowl is being delivered?
A – No. A toucher must be marked with chalk by a member of the team that delivered the bowl or the marker as soon as it comes to rest. Law 15.1

Q – The skip of team “A” is standing on the mat getting annoyed, as the 3rd and skip of team “B” are discussing their last bowl that has just come to rest. Is the skip of team “A” justified?
A – As soon as each bowl comes to rest, possession of the rink will transfer to the opposing player or team after allowing time for marking a toucher as soon as it comes to rest. Law 13.2

Q – I only play pennants and Club tournaments, do I have to get my bowls stamped the current year on my bowl is 15?
A – For Domestic events where Bowls Australia is not the controlling body, the stamp of a current year or future year is not required unless specified by the controlling body in the Conditions of Play for that event. Law 53.5, DR 4.9.2  

Q – What action should be taken if a jack in the ditch is moved by a toucher?
A – The movement of the jack is valid and remains in its new position. Law 18.3.1

– After play has started, it is noticed that the mat and jack have been placed on the wrong line. What should happen?
A – The mat must be placed on the centre line. Law 6.2.3. The jack remains in its original position because a bowl/s has been played. No-one has the right to challenge its legality. Law 9.7

Q – The jack was centred on the wrong line and not noticed until the second is about to bowl. This player challenges and says it should be moved to the centre line. Is the player correct?
A – No. The jack position cannot be challenged after a bowl has been delivered. Law 9.7

Q – Team A commenced the end and played their first bowl. It was then noted that it was their opponent who won the previous end. What should happen?
A – Only one bowl had been played so the end must be restarted by Team B. Law 9.5

Q – In the above situation, what happens if a bowl has been played by each team?
A – The end continues. Law 9.6