What is GetBowledOver?

GetBowledOver is a family fun way to enjoy the sport of Lawn Bowls. The program is an opportunity to play the great sport of Lawn Bowls in a structured environment without being locked in to the commitment of weekly games or costs. With increased pressure on family’s time and money, we aim to create a program that not only attracts a younger generation to the sport but also caters for families to be able to spend time together and create a true community atmosphere.

GetBowledOver is a fun way to be active, get outside and to make new friends during bowls season, with having fun and participation the main objectives. Each week our clubs will guide you through different interpretations on the sport of bowls with fun and exciting games designed for juniors and their families. GetBowledOver is a state-wide program, so where ever you are there will always be a GetBowledOver session nearby to get involved in.

Who can attend?

Anybody & Everybody with an under 18 family member. GetBowledOver is a Junior Development program with the goal of attracting under 18 year olds to the sport. With this in mind, we understand that there is increased demand on families’ time & parents play a big role in getting their kids to and from sport. Therefore we want to create an environment where the parents can also get involved, whether it be getting off the sidelines and also having a roll of bowls or simply enjoying the facilities available at each of our venues whilst the kids play bowls.

How Can I get involved?

Check out the list of sessions, pick the ones that suit you, rock up and enjoy yourself. You can attend any session at any of the clubs.

What do I need to bring?

Simply bring your enthusiastic attitude and flat soled shoes or bowls barefoot. Bowls is a sport that everyone can play which makes it so unique and fun. All equipment, activities and instruction will be provided by our friendly and experienced coordinators.

What further opportunities are available?

If you attend one of our GetBowledOver sessions and decide that bowls may be a sport that you wish to play more permanently we can help you continue on with more regular bowling opportunities. There will be a short GetBowledOver competition to be run over three to four weeks that juniors and family members can commit to. Alternatively Bowls SA can get you involved in your local club through participation in Night Owls, pennant competitions or club membership.