Clearances: Intra and Interstate


Do I need a clearance?

  • If you have been a full member at a club within the preceding two years, you will need to complete an Intrastate Clearance.
  • If you are moving interstate, you will be required to complete an Interstate Clearance.

See below for more details and to start the process.

Intrastate Clearances

An intrastate clearance is from one South Australian club to another.

  1. Make the online payment ($60 for adults | $30 for those u18)
  2. Get both clubs involved (the one you are moving from and the one you are moving to) to sign the Clearance Form
  3. Provide the completed Clearance Form to Bowls SA via, who will complete the process

Interstate Clearances

If you are looking to complete an interstate clearance to either join a bowling club in South Australia or one outside of the State, you need to complete the following:

Transferring to SA

If transferring from interstate to a South Australian club, please:

  1. Fill out the attached form and send it to the State governing body from which you are transferring from (ie Bowls Vic, Bowls WA etc)
  2. That State governing body will then send a copy to Bowls SA once they have approved.
  3. Bowls SA will then update your details on Bowlslink, and notify your new club

Transferring out of SA

If you are looking at transfer out of a South Australian club to an interstate club, please:

  1. Fill out the attached form and send it to Bowls SA via
  2. Bowls SA will approve the clearance out of South Australia and send a copy to the State governing body you wish to join for approval.
  3. The State governing body will then update your details on Bowlslink (if applicable)

If you have any questions about the clearance process, feel free to give us a call on 8234 7544 or email

Information for Clubs

As a club administrator, what do you need to do regarding Clearances?

No matter if the member is moving to your club or from your club, there are a few things you need to do both on Bowlslink and on paper, to support your member (past or future) with their movements.  

Steps Involved

1. Be aware of the correct process so that you can explain if anyone has any questions – make payment to Bowls SA, get Clearance paperwork signed by both clubs and ensure that Bowls SA receives this paperwork.

2. Unless you have reasonable grounds to refuse a transfer request, such us unpaid membership fees, previous breach of club policies, please complete your club’s section on the Clearance form.

If you are the last club to sign the form, please send to

3. Once Bowls SA has received the clearance form, we will then process the transfer for you. As a result, you will receive a couple of emails from Bowlslink (check your junk or spam boxes if they don’t arrive in your inbox).

Use this communication as confirmation of the transfer. The member will also receive the same communication if their current email is up to date on Bowlslink.

It is also recommended that the member’s new club should retain a hard copy of the Clearance form for Audit Purposes, upon request by the Match and Program Committee or Associations.

4. The member will then need be made financial to the club and then added to any groups/categories within the club.

The member is ineligible to play until this process has been completed


New club

If the member is transferring into your club from another club, please don’t add them as a new member but as an existing member. A ‘member’ on Bowlslink refers to a member on the system and not as a member to your club. In most cases, Bowls SA Staff will complete this whole process for you.

Current club

For the club that the member is leaving, please don’t archive the member until they have transferred to the new club. In most cases, Bowls SA staff will archive the member for you.