Prestige Medley

2023-24 Prestige Medley Champions Crowned

by Marketing on April 21, 2024

Over the weekend, 12 women’s and 12 men’s teams competed in the 2023-24 Prestige Medley to represent their regions. The champions were determined and crowned today.

The women’s championship at Playford Bowling Club concluded with Metro West (Region 12) with 4 wins and 1 loss, 43 points advancing to the final against Metro South (Region 11) with 5 wins, 0 losses, 52 points.

Ultimately, in the final match, Metro West (Region 12) emerged victorious over Metro South (Region 11) with a seven-shot difference in the triples to claim the women’s championship title.

Click here for the full Prestige Medley Women’s results

Prestige Medley Womens Region Winners 23 24

At Modbury Bowling Club, Metro West (Region 12) advanced to the final of the men’s event securing a last round win against Lower North (Region 8) seeing them undefeated with 5 wins, 0 loss, +50 points.

In section two of the men’s competition, Metro East (Region 10) defeated Fleurieu & KI (Region 7) to secure their spot in the final, also with 5 wins, 0 loss, 51 points.

Both sides now coming into the final, undefeated. 

The men’s championship match was intense as Metro West (Region 12) emerged victorious over Metro East (Region 10) by winning the triples convincingly 23 shots to 14 and the fours by just one shot.

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Prestige Medley Mens Region 12 Metro West Winners 23-24

A huge congratulations to Metro West (Region 12) for taking out both the women’s and men’s titles for 2023-24.

Bowls SA would like to thank Modbury Bowling Club and Playford Bowling Club for their invaluable support in hosting the Prestige Medley events this year.

Our heartfelt appreciation also goes out to the dedicated officials and numerous volunteers who selflessly contributed their time and effort at each club, playing a crucial role in ensuring the seamless triumph of this event.