Coaching Resources


A selection of drills that can be used to develop players skills in a variety of different shots.

Draw Drill 1
Draw Drill 2
Draw Drill 3
Draw Drill 4
Draw Drill 5
Draw Drill 6
Draw Drill 7
Drive Drill
Lead Drill 
Weighted Shot Drill


The Bowls SA Coaching & Junior committee have been working on resources to assist clubs in having the ability to work with schools. The schools coaching guide aims to provide hints on how to communicate with schools as well as activity and program examples that can be run with schools to meet SACE criteria.

Please download here


For more information on coaching players with a bowling arm please click the link below to go to the Bowls SA Coaching Committee booklet. This booklet will provide coaches with the knowledge needed to coach players with a bowling arm, from their stance to using the correct bowling arm. 

Click here to see the Coaching Players With Bowling Arms Booklet. 


Bowls Australia have a number of resources available

“Bowling with Barrie” is a series of helpful videos that give some valuable coaching tips. Please view the videos by clicking here

“The Coaches Den” is another series of helpful videos that coaches can view for some helpful tips (these are compulsory to view to re accredit as a coach). Please view the videos by clicking here

Visit the Bowls Australia website for more information and resources

YouTube is also a great resource to view videos that can offer coaching tips

Bowls Technical Excellence Series – The Delivery

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