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October 2021

  • Rules of Play

With the start of the season, all officials are asked to check the Rules of Play and relevant policies for any competition that officiating in. Especially with regard to the competitions rules and uniform policies regarding shoes and hats.

Also, all clubs are reminded that the pathway for Club Champs, is played at 21 and not 25 shots.

Policy & Law Updates

October 2021

  • Law Information when a Pennant Side is made up of different disciplines.

If a player is absent from one or more teams of triples or fours in a combined side and no eligible substitute is available or allowed, the game must continue as stated in Law DR 2.6.1:

  • Law DR – A team with an absent player plays as though the second is the missing player.
  • Law DR – The order of play shall be maintained by the second of the complete team playing consecutive bowls.
  • Law – Each player must use the number of bowls specified in the conditions of play for that event.

If the game has commenced all players are constituted in that particular discipline and cannot be changed to play in a different team. If a player in the pairs becomes unwell or unfit, and no substitute can be found no player from the triples or fours can be moved to the pairs. The whole Side must forfeit the game, as per Law 1.3, C2 and C10

  • Touchers and chalk

As per Law 15.1, ” A toucher must be marked with chalk by a member of the team that delivered the bowl or the marker as soon as it comes to rest” 

Bowls Australia advises that a chalk spray or a chalk pen should be used. This gives minimal contact with the bowl and reduces the chance of moving the bowl when marking it.      

  • Laser measure

Memo from Bowls Australia regarding the use of laser measures

  • Feeler Gauge

A Feeler gauge is part of the required equipment found in the club’s umpire kit. It is used to measure very small distances and must be a 32 blade feeler gauge NOT the old 16 blade gauge once used.

Could all umpires please check their umpire boxes ensuring that the correct one is available?


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