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Bowls SA is the governing body of Lawn Bowls in South Australia and is one of the larger Not-for-profit organisations in the State. The organisation has over 200 clubs in the metropolitan and country areas and over 19,000 registered members.

Lawn Bowls has a long history in South Australia with the Royal South Australian Bowling Association Incorporated (RSABA) forming in 1901 and the women’s organisation, the South Australian Women’s Bowling Association Incorporated (SAWBA) commencing in 1930.

On 1 September 2003, in an historic meeting, the two associations merged to form Bowls SA Incorporated. This was a first for Lawn Bowls in Australia and required the development of new administration and governance structures.

The Board of Bowls SA comprising a President, Vice President and up to six directors who meet monthly to oversee the governance of the sport. The Board may also appoint two Independent Directors with specific skill sets.

The Bowls SA office and administrative staff are based at Club Holdfast and are responsible for, or liaise with the Board and established Committees, to oversee various areas of the day-to-day management of the game including Governance, Policies and Procedures, Competitions and Events, Coaching and Officiating, Marketing, Development and Elite Squads, Administration and Accounts.

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