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Bowling Arm bowler at 2024 MCC

Bowling arms are specifically crafted to support bowlers in maintaining their participation in the sport by utilising an artificial aid. These devices are permitted for use in any competition held within Australia, catering to individuals facing challenges such as hip, knee, balance, or back limitations that hinder their ability to execute deliveries of bowls or jacks effectively.

The availability of further insights on bowling arms can be accessed through the Bowls Australia website. By enabling athletes to incorporate mechanical bowling arms into their gameplay, these tools have significantly extended the sporting careers of numerous participants. The utilization of bowling arms has emerged as a growing sector within Australian bowls, with a notable presence of successful South Australian bowlers excelling in various competitions including open events, pennants, and specialised bowling arm tournaments nationwide.

All South Australian bowlers using bowling arms are encouraged to nominate for SA Bowling Arm events.

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The tenth annual National Bowling Arm Sides Championships will be held this year at the East Maitland Bowling Club, NSW, from 8 – 13 September 2024.

A squad of 18 players has been selected following squad trials to represent South Australia at this event.

It is a requirement that at least three opposite gender persons are part of the squad.

This annual championship includes all six states, QLD, NSW, VIC, TAS, WA and SA.

The competition format is three games of singles and three games of fours in the morning, then three games of pairs and three games of triples in the afternoon, playing each state.

SA has participated in all nine championships, commencing in 2013, and have hosted two events, in 2015 and 2019.

The overall winner receives the Bowls Australia shield, currently held by Victoria.

Each participating state also plays for various interstate shields.

SA brought home two shields in 2023, one against QLD and the other against WA.