SA Super League round 6 & 7

by BowlsSA2 on September 8, 2019

SA SUPER LEAGUE – 8 September 2019

The final two minor rounds of the Super League competition were completed today.

While Heysen Comets and Central Chargers have virtually guaranteed their semi-final spots without a bowl being sent down the rink, the battle is on to see which two of Western Rogues, Mallee  Pirates,  South Eastern Spartans and Eastern Raiders will snatch the remaining spots. A spread of only four points covered the four sides at the start of the day’s play.


The corresponding U21 competition is also shaping up for a tight finish for a finals’ berth given the closeness of the competition in previous rounds.


Round 6:


Eastern Raiders enhanced their finals’ chances with a comprehensive 80-36 win over South Eastern Spartans.

In the singles, Treloar (Raiders) restricted Fiebig (Spartans) to only six end wins in compiling a comfortable 33-6 result.

A major boil-over occurred in the pairs with Goldfinch/Percy (Raiders) inflicting the first loss upon Black/Wilson (Spartans) in two seasons. The final score was 27-17, made a little more respectable with Black/Wilson gaining a power play ‘8’ on the final end.

The triples match was a very close affair for the first 14 ends with Black/Bremner/Jesser (Spartans) holding a slim 10-9 lead against Armitage/Rafferty/Short (Raiders). An effective use of the power play on the next two ends saw the latter combination jump out to a 20-10 lead; the final result was 20-13.

U21: In their pairs match, Clarke/Saunders (Raiders) held control for the majority of the ends played to deliver a 17-13 win against Black/Jesser(Spartans) for the Raiders’ side.



Western Rogues defeated Mallee Pirates 56-48, with wins in two of the three disciplines played.

The singles match between Dorr (Pirates) and Geater-Johnson (Rogues) was tight over the first 11 ends with Dorr holding a narrow 10-9 lead. Thereafter, Geater-Johnson edged away to establish a 23-19 result in Rogues’ favour.

In the pairs match, Carter/Davis (Pirates) held the lead against Golby/Zeller (Rogues) until the tenth end where the scores were tied 10-apiece. Two ends later, the scores were still tied 12-all. However, eight shots to Golby/Seller on the final two ends saw the Rogues’ pair emerge victors, 20-12.

Pirates sole win was in the triples. Fuss/Hill/Meekcoms (Pirates) had control of the match against Modra/Nardechia/Scalpel (Rogues) until the penultimate end where the Rogues combination scored a power play ‘4’ to tie the match 13-all. Not to be outdone, the Pirates’ triple responded with a power play ‘4’ on the last end to win 17-13.

U21: Hill/Hocking (Pirates) established an early lead against Geater-Johnson/Bodnar (Rogues) in their pairs match. However, the latter pair responded by winning all but one of the final seven ends to produce a 16-14 win for Rogues.



Despite having one rink up, one rink down and the remaining rink a draw, Central Chargers gained sufficient shots across the board to defeat Northern Knights 62-55.

The opening ends of the singles match between McPharlin (Knights) and Mills (Chargers) turned out to be the decisive factor in this match with McPharlin gaining an early 6-0 lead. To his credit, Mills fought back to lead 16-14 after 15 ends. Thereafter, McPharlin restricted Mills to one winning end while amassing another eight shots; the final result was 23-17 in McPharlin’s favour.

Rowntree/Ruediger (Chargers) initially trailled Ward/Bowman (Knights) 6-0 but fought back to have the scores at 10-apiece after 11 ends. Chargers then surged away winning five of the last seven ends to win the match 27-16.

The triples match between Hyde/Trenorden/Taylor (Knights) and Freebairn/Callisto/Haines (Chargers) ebbed and flowed with both combinations holding the lead at various stages during the match. Perhaps it was a fitting conclusion that the end result was a 16-all draw.

U21: Black/Bodnar (Knights) battled against Shepherd/Walker (Chargers) in the pair’s competition. The Knights’ pair held the lead until the end 12; 12-all was the score at that stage. Chargers edged ahead over the next few ends, helped along with a power play ‘8’ on end 16, to win the match 24-21.



In an upset, Southern Blazers defeated the previously unbeaten Heysen Comets 58-48, recording wins across all three disciplines.

Dietrich (Blazers) clawed back from 8-4 down (after 8 ends) against Forbes (Comets) to draw level at 9-apiece after 14 ends. Winning five of the next eight ends saw Dietrich take the match 22-16; a power play ‘6’ on the final end proving decisive.

Munn/Denton (Blazers) just held on to win their pairs match 17-16 against Wrigley/Halls (Comets). After 13 ends Blazers had a 17-6 lead but lost 10 shots over the last five ends to narrowly avoid defeat.

To complete the rout, Lewis/Thulborn/Evans (Blazers) held on to record a 19-16 win against Baldock/Harvey/Gregory (Comets). Once again, it proved to be the few ends that swayed this match in Blazers’ favour.

U21: Machin/Denton (Blazers) held a handy 14-5 lead over Hicks/Hicks (Comets) after 10 ends. The latter pair fought back to tie 15-all at end 14. After the penultimate end, the scores were still tied 18-apiece. A handy two shots on the final end saw Machin/Denton record a 20-18 win for Blazers.


Round 7:

As play began in the final round, the Super League standings had received a major shake up. The standings were now – Chargers 55, Comets 50, Rogues 40, Raiders 38, Pirates 30, Spartans 26, Blazers 26, Knights 23.

In the  U21 competition,  the standings were: Blazers 13, Raiders 11, Knights 10, Spartans 9, Pirates 9, Rogues 6, Comets 6, Chargers 6.



One shot separated Eastern Raiders and Central Chargers with the Spartans winning 57-56 to book their place in the finals.

The singles clash between Dickson (Raiders) and Bowman (Chargers) was narrowly won by Dickson 21-20. Dickson had jumped out to a 15-6 lead after 13 ends only to see Bowman lead 16-15, three ends later. Bowman’s lead had grown to 19-16 at the conclusion of end 19; however, Dickson’s five shots to one on the last three ends, earned Dickson a one shot win.

Arbon/Goldfinch (Raiders) trailed Rowntree/Mills (Chargers) for much of their pairs match. However, they levelled the scores on the second last end before securing a final two shots, winning 17-15.

Lodge/McGorman/Flavel (Raiders) headed Freebairn/Calyun/Haines (Chargers) throughout their triples match only to lose on the final end where the latter combination gained a power play ‘4’ to take the honours 21-19.

U21: After eight ends, the pair’s match between Kaufer/Kaufer (Raiders) and Shepherd/Walker (Chargers)  was tied 8-all. On the next 10 ends, the Raiders’ pair won seven ends to take the match 21-13.



Despite two of the three disciplines, South Eastern Spartans, overall, outscored Mallee Pirates 58-43 to take the match points.

In the closest singles match of the round, Hill (Pirates) had a narrow 15-14 win over Fiebig (Spartans). Hill had held the lead until end 16; by end 20 the scores were  level 13-apiece. Hill gained two shots on the penultimate end but Fiebig could only counter with a single shot on that final end.

Rebounding from their unexpected loss in the morning round, Black/Wilson (Spartans) convincingly defeated the Pirates’ pair of Degenhardt/Fuss, 28-9.

The triples clash between Hocking/Krebbekx/Hull (Pirates) and Pepper/Stopp/Devlin (Spartans) was played in three phases. Hull’s rink was leading 11-3 after eight ends but lost 13 shots on the next six ends to trail 16-11. They rebounded on the final three ends to take the match 19-16.

U21: The Spartans pair of Jesser/Black recorded a comfortable 32-13 win over their Pirates’ opponents, Hill/Tiller.



Southern Blazers finished their minor round defeating Western Rogues 57-46.

Dietrich (Blazers) trailed Bennett (Rogues) for much of their singles match. However, two power play ends of ‘6’ shots during the closing few ends swayed the match in Dietrich’s direction; the final score was 23-19.

The pairs match saw Munn/Denton (Blazers) eventually recording a comfortable 20-11 win against Argent-Bowden/Studham (Rogues).

In a come from behind win, Moloney/Nardecchia/Schapel (Rogues) gained a power play ‘4’ on the final end to snatch victory, 16-14, away from Lewis/Dienelt/Evans (Blazers).


U21: In a game of two halves, Machin/Lewis (Blazers) trailed Bodnar/Zeller (Rogues) 12-5 on end 11. Thereafter, the pair held their opponents to a solitary shot while gaining 11 shots to record a 16-13 win.



Heysen Comets returned to the winning circle inflicting a 75-57 loss upon Northern Knights

Halls (Comets) had a comfortable 29-19 win against Bowman (Knights) in the singles match.

Ward/McPharlin (Knights) encountered Harvey/Forbes (Comets) in the pairs. The Knights’ pair had control of the proceedings to eventually win 21-14.

In the triples,  Bodnar/Trenorden/Kelly (Knights) were outclassed by the Comets’ combination of Hicks/Edmunds/Gregory; the latter triple winning 32-17.


U21: The lead changed seven times during the pairs match between Warner/Black (Knights) and Harkness/Moloney (Comets). With the scores 15-all and one end to play, which combination would take the final honours? One shot on that end was all that the Knights’ pair needed to earn their side the win.


The Super League standings after Round 7 are: Comets 60 pts, Chargers 57, Raiders  48, Rogues 42, Blazers 36, Spartans 34, Pirates 34, Knights 25.

For the U21, the final standings are: Blazers 16, Raiders 14, Knights 13, Spartans 12, Rogues 6, Pirates 6, Comets 6, Chargers 6.

The Super League Semi-Finals and Preliminary Final will take place attending Salisbury Bowling Club next Sunday 15 September.

Commencing at 10 am, the U21 Semi-Final will feature Southern Blazers vs Eastern Raiders and the Elimination final will feature Northern Knights vs South Eastern Spartans.

At 12 noon, the Super League  Semi-Final will see Heysen Comets vs Central Chargers while the Elimination final will feature Eastern Raiders vs Western Rogues.

Directly after this the Preliminary finals will take place at 2pm with the winners of the Elimination finals taking on the defeated Semi Finalists in both the Super League & U21 Competitions.