2023-2024 Men's State Event Player of the Year Craig Mills

Mills Leaves His Mark on State Events

by Marketing on June 14, 2024

Edwardstown Bowling Club’s Craig Mills was crowned Men’s State Event Player of the Year at the recent 2023 – 2024 Bowls SA Awards Night.

Mills claimed multiple state event titles over the course of the season to add to his already full trophy cabinet.

Mills said this year’s state event season wasn’t just about wins and losses for him.

“It was a special one knowing going in it was going to be my last one for some period of time,” he said.

“To play with three young lads that I’ve brought through and to finish on the green with them in the last final, win or lose it didn’t worry me.

“I was just in that space where I was happy to be out there in what was probably the best final of the season.”

Mills said it was the challenge of getting better himself, while also healthy competition with friends that keeps him coming back for these state events.

“The young fellas that I have been coaching make me strive to work on my game because they are striving to beat me,” he said.

“They are great players, and the state is in good hands with them.”

Mills encouraged bowlers to get involved with state events with the valuable chance to play against and learn from some of the best.