24 AO South Australians

South Australian Recap of the 2024 Australian Open

by Marketing on June 25, 2024

Hundreds of bowlers from South Australia journeyed to the Gold Coast in June, to enjoy the sunny weather and participate in the largest Australian Open ever.

A special congratulations goes to South Australia’s two champions Chris Flavel, who with James Reynolds from NSW, won the Multi Disability Open Pairs championship, and Sue Coultas, who with Sharon McReynolds from NSW, won the Women’s Over 60’s Pairs championship.

Following nearly a fortnight of exciting finals and many matches that were closely contested, South Australians can take pride in the extensive summary of bowlers who made it to the knockout rounds and finals.

Multi Disability Open Pairs – Finals

ChampionsChris Flavel (SA), James Reynolds (NSW)

Women’s Over 60’s Pairs – Knockout

Round 1Helen Ward (SA), Betty Hunter (SA)
Round 1Vicki Feast (SA), Anne Onto (SA)
Round 1Sue Phillips (SA), Lee Robinson (SA) 
Round 1Val Deeble (SA), Yvonne Bekeris (SA) 
Round 2Ann Robinson (SA), Gayle Steinwedel (SA) 
Round 3Pam Edmunds (SA), Sandra Wallace (SA)
Round 3Karin Lynch (SA), Sharon Cavanagh (SA)
Round 3Karen Gatto (SA), Debbie Dennis (SA)

Women’s Over 60’s Pairs – Finals

Quarter finalKristeena Kirchner (SA), Claire Eichenberger (SA)
ChampionsSue Coultas (SA), Sharon McReynolds (NSW)

U18 Girls Singles – Finals

FinalAnda Panchawat (SA) 

Women’s Singles – Knockout

Round 1Cathryn Greenslade (Riverton, SA) 
Round 1Deborah Carey (SA)
Round 1Sheridon Bodnar (SA)
Round 1Jodi Kotz (SA)
Round 1Karin Lynch (SA)
Round 1Kylie Day (SA)
Round 2Anda Panchawat (SA) 

Women’s Singles – Finals

Semi finalSharon Cavanagh (SA)

Women’s Fours – Knockout

Round 1M. McKay (SA), M. Blanch (QLD), V. Deeble (SA), Y. Bekeris (SA)
Round 1K. Gatto (SA), A. Robinson (SA), G. Steinwedel (SA), D. Dennis (SA)
Round 1J. Watson (WA), T. Palm (SA), T. Jolliffe (WA), S. Lynch (WA)
Round 2H. Gunn (SA), S. Bodnar (SA), O. Piper (SA), L. McGorman (SA)
Round 3L. Vardy (QLD), B. Pepper (SA), C. Greenslade (SA), J. Kotz (SA)

Women’s Fours – Finals

Quarter finalS. Hutchinson (SA), P. Edmunds (SA), W. Clarke (NSW), S. Wallace (SA)
Semi finalS. Kurzman (VIC), K. Argent-Bowden (SA), J. Cottell (NSW), T. Bruce (NZ)

Multi Disability Open Men’s Singles – Knockout

Round 1Charles Lang-Ashe (SA)
Round 2Chris Flavel (SA) 

Multi Disability Open Men’s Singles – Finals

Quarter finalAndrew Reed (SA)

Men’s Singles – Knockout

Round 1Isaac Jesser (SA)
Round 1Ben Bowman (SA)
Round 1Damon Edmunds (SA) 
Round 1Peter Lukat (SA)
Round 2Sheldon Bagrie-Howley (SA) 
Round 2Brett Baldey (SA)
Round 2Michael White (SA)
Round 2Corey Hicks (SA)
Round 2Barry Martin (SA)
Round 2Ashley Halls (SA)
Round 2Kari Heikkonen (SA)
Round 2Ray Whichelo (SA)
Round 3Gary Thompson (SA)
Round 3Daryl Steinwedel (SA) 
Round 3Bradley Jansen (SA)
Round 3Trevor Feast (SA) 
Round 4Andrew Hill (SA)
Round 6Nathan Black (SA)
Round 6Seamus Curtin (SA)

Men’s Pairs – Knockout

Round 1Anthony Moffatt (SA), Sheldon Bagrie-Howley (NZ)
Round 1Neil Duckett (SA), John Nelson (SA) 
Round 1Peter Crouch (SA), Steven Wright (SA)
Round 1Brett Bayly (SA), Bradford Parker (SA)
Round 2Alan Murphy (SA), Peter Canala (SA)
Round 2Stephen Jones (SA), Ashley Halls (SA)
Round 3Brett Baldey (SA), Seamus Curtin (SA) 

Women’s Pairs – Knockout

Round 1Sophie Kurzman (VIC), Kate Argent-Bowden (SA)
Round 1Sarah Ross (SA), Lyn Moulsdale (SA) 
Round 1Jacky Jacobs (SA), Rachel Wolfenden (SA) 
Round 2Ann-Marie Kuchel (SA), Karen Kneebone (SA)
Round 2Olivia Piper (SA), Laini McGorman (SA)
Round 2Cathryn Greenslade (SA), Jodie Kotz (SA)
Round 3Kathryn Miller (SA), Belinda Pepper (SA)

Men’s Fours – Knockout

Round 1C. Mitchell (VIC), T. Feast (SA), G. Uren (SA), T. Tba (SA)
Round 1C. Edmunds (SA), G. Hayles (SA), T. Griffith (SA), D. Edmunds (SA)
Round 1D. Carter (SA), N. Duckett (SA), G. Thompson (SA), J. Nelson (SA)
Round 1A. Payne (SA), R. Whichelo (SA), K. Heikkonen (SA), J. Hallows (SA)
Round 2K. Robinson (SA), M. Tonkin (SA). Trowse (SA), D. Steinwedel (SA)
Round 2A. Raponi (SA), F. McAuliffe (SA), G. Boccaccio (SA), M. Hocking (SA)
Round 3B. Baldey (SA), A. Moffatt (SA), S. Curtin (SA), S. Bagrie-Howley (NZ)
Round 4I. Jesser (SA), C. Hicks (SA), C. Hicks (SA), B. Bowman (SA)

Men’s Over 60’s Pairs – Knockout

Round 1Brenton Brown (SA), John Morena (SA)
Round 1Aldo Raponi (SA), Frank McAuliffe (SA)
Round 1Fred Schenk (SA), Geoffrey Deeble (SA)
Round 1Trevor Feast (SA), Guy Uren (SA)
Round 1Steven Rex (Barney) Hall (SA), Brett Bayley (SA)
Round 1Stephen Jones (SA), Ashley Halls (SA)
Round 1Rudy Ferraro (SA), Paul Scrutton (SA) 
Round 2Roy Palmer (SA), Gary McCarthy (TAS)
Round 2Paul Whiteman (QLD), Colin Watkins (SA)
Round 2Michael White (SA), Glen McGough (SA)
Round 2Bruce Dangerfield (SA), David Gauci (SA)
Round 3Kari Heikkonen (SA), Ray Whichelo (SA)
Round 3Brett Pingel (NSW), Neville Mansell (SA)
Round 3Chris Young (VIC), Gregory Miller (SA)
Round 4Kevin Robinson (SA), Daryl Steinwedel (SA)

U18 Boy’s Singles – Knockout

Round 1Charlie Hicks (SA)
Round 1Kobe Jarman (SA)

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After carefully reviewing all the sectional and knockout results, we have compiled this information about our South Australian participants.

If your details are not included, reach out via email with your name, discipline, and section number for us to include you in our records.

Images credit to Bowls Australia