Day 1 Wrap Up – 2020 Under 18 State Championships

by BowlsSA2 on January 20, 2020

Day 1 was Boys and Girls Singles where participants played 3 sectional games followed by a knockout.

Sectional winners are see below;


Section 1: Kate Argent-Bowden (ANG)

Section 2: Faith Scholes (WAL)

Section 3: Grace Moloney (ART)

Next Best: Indiana Vass



Section 1: Charlie Hicks (ADL)

Section 2: Adam Black (HEN)

Section 3: Nathan Black (WLK)

Section 4: Liam Coe (GLD)

Section 5: Jackson Saunders (HEN)

Section 6: Logan Olsen (PTW)

Section 7: Harry Burgess (HAP)

Next Best: Matthew Freebairn (OWN)



The boys then played a knockout game to refine the field to 4. The winners are see below:

Game 1: Nathan Black vs Matthew Freebairn (Winner: Nathan Black)

Game 2: Logan Olsen vs Harry Burgess (Winner: Logan Olsen)

Game 3: Charlie Hicks vs Adam Black (Winner: Adam Black)

Game 4: Jackson Saunders vs Liam Coe (Winner: Jackson Saunders)


All Singles Semi and Grand Finals will be played on Thursday afternoon.