Under 18 State Championships – Day 5

by BowlsSA2 on January 22, 2021

Day 5 and we have almost completed the Championships, with the Boys Singles trophy now off to the engravers!

The morning started with the Boys Singles Semi Final, where experience came through with chocolates. Corey Hicks defeated Liam Coe 21-7 and Nathan Black defeating younger brother Tyson Black 21-6.

Medal Games lined up as below;

GOLD playoff: Corey Hicks VS Nathan Black

BRONZE playoff: Tyson Black VS Liam Coe


The Bronze playoff saw the two young boys from Gladstone Bowling Club going head to head, both knowing exactly how each other would play, as they train together each week. After 8 ends Tyson had Liam under pressure with a 9-5 lead however Liam then went on to win the next 7 ends where he was able to ascertain a lead of 20-9. Tyson picked up a confidence boosting 3, only to narrowly lose on the final end where Liam had 2 beautiful draw bowls, making the score 21-12.

In the Gold playoff Corey Hicks and Nathan Black went head to head in, as expected, the classiest game of the competition. Both players keeping each other on their toes, not giving their opponent any easy shots. Nathan showing just that extra one percent of class to push to his fourth straight Under 18 Boys Singles win with a 21-7 win over Corey.


BRONZE: Liam Coe

SILVER: Corey Hicks

GOLD: Nathan Black


Girls singles will be played on the 21st of February at the Grange Bowling Club. More details to come.


To see all the results for the week, click the link below;