SA Super League – Semi & Preliminary Finals Day

by BowlsSA2 on September 15, 2019

SA SUPER LEAGUE – 15 September 2019

What perfect weather greeted bowlers as they converged upon Salisbury Bowling Club to contest the semi-finals and preliminary finals for both the Super League and the corresponding U21 competition.

The proceedings began with the U21 semi-finals where Southern Blazers meeting Eastern Raiders in the second semi-final while Northern Knights play South Eastern Spartans in the elimination final.

U21: Southern Blazers vs Eastern Raiders

In a one-sided match, the Blazers’ pair of Lewis/Denton easily accounted for Clarke/Saunders (Raiders) with the latter pair only managing to win only four of the 18 ends played; the final score was 30-5 in favour of Blazers. Lewis/Denton (Blazers) now move into next week’s grand final while the Raiders’ pair front up in the preliminary final later in the day.

U21: Northern Knights vs South Eastern Spartans

A very tight match was fought between Olsen/Trenorden (Knights) and Jesser/Black (Spartans). After 10 ends, the scores were tied 9-apiece. Olsen/Trenorden then scored on four of the next five ends to take a 16-10 lead. A brace of shots on ends 16 and 17 saw Jesser/Black narrow the margin to 16-14 with one end to play. Despite their best efforts, the Olsen/Trenorden combination gained another two shots on that end to eventually win 18-14.

The Knights’ pair move into the preliminary final while, for the Spartans’ pair, their season is over.



The Super League competition featured Heysen Comets and Central Chargers in the second semi-final while Eastern Raiders were up against Western Rogues in the elimination final.

Super League: Heysen Comets vs Central Chargers

Heysen Comets comfortably accounted for Central Chargers winning the match 66-52.

Halls (Comets) held a narrow 10-9 lead at the halfway mark against Mills (Chargers). However, despite Mills winning six of the remaining eleven ends, Halls was able to gain more multiple shots on the ends that he won, to eventually win 25-21.

In the pairs, Harvey/Chopin (Comets) held an early, 7-3 lead against Rowntree/Ruediger (Chargers), after end four. However, the Comets’ pair only won one of the next eleven ends to trail 21-9. To their credit,  Harvey/Chopin staged a comeback on the final three ends to lose to Rowntree/Ruediger 21-18.

The triples combination of Forbes/Hicks/Gregory (Comets) were rarely challenged by Scott/Callisto/Haines (Chargers) to record a 23-10 win.

Heysen Comets move into next week’s grand final while Central Chargers prepare for the preliminary final.

Super League: Eastern Raiders vs Western Rogues

Eastern Raiders met Western Rogues in the elimination final to determine which side would move into the preliminary final.

This match went to the last bowl of the final end of the triples discipline with Raiders snatching the win 61-54 after gaining a power play ‘8’ on that end.

The singles match between Treloar (Raiders) and Nardecchia (Rogues) was a pulsating affair with Treloar holding a 12-6 lead after end 10. By end 20, Nardecchia had wrested away the lead to be ahead 21-15. Treloar used his power play on the penultimate end to record a ‘6’, tying the score 21-all. A single shot on the final end saw Nardecchia take the honours,  22-21.

Arbon/Dickson (Raiders) trailed Golby/Zeller (Rogues) for much of their pairs match.  With Rogues holding a one shot overall lead coming into the final end,  the power play ‘8’ scored by Raiders was sufficient to deny Rogues a berth in the preliminary final.

The triples match between Lodge/Flavel/Percy (Raiders) and Argent-Bowden/Geater-Johnson/Schapel (Rogues) was a game of two halves. The Rogues combination jumped out to a 13-0 lead only to see Raiders bounce back to 17-13 up. After the final three ends,  Raiders had won 21-18.

So, while the season is over for Western Rogues,  Eastern Raiders earn a spot in the upcoming preliminary final.


Preliminary Final: U21 – Eastern Raiders vs Northern Knights

The Clarke/Saunders (Raiders) combination rebounded from their defeat earlier in the day to account for Olsen/Trenorden (Knights) 17-10. In fact, the match was much closer with the Knights’ pair holding a 10-8 lead after 13 ends. Thereafter, the Raiders pair didn’t lose an end to record a handy win.

Raiders now go to next week’s Grand Final while the season is over for Knights.


Preliminary Final: Super League  – Central Chargers vs Eastern Raiders

Central Chargers secured their place in next week’s Grand Final following their 61-36 defeat of Eastern Raiders.

Mills (Chargers) surged through his singles match against Treloar (Raiders) recording a very comfortable 26-9 win.

Rowntree/Ruediger (Chargers) also confirmed Chargers’ spot in the grand final following their handy 21-11 defeat of Arbon/Dickson (Raiders).

Meanwhile, a close triples match ensued between Scott/Callisto/Haines (Chargers) and Lodge/Flavel/Percy (Raiders). The Chargers combination trailed for much of the match but only went down 16-14 at the end.


Next week, the respective Grand Finals will take place with the U21 playing at 11 am while the Super League playing off at 1.30 pm both at the Salisbury Bowling Club.

The U21 will feature Southern Blazers vs Eastern Raiders while Heysen Comets will play Central Chargers  in the Super League Grand Final.

There will be free face painting from 12-2 and also free live music from 1:30-3:30, we look forward to seeing you there.