Highs & Low’s for the Parndana Bowling Club

by BowlsSA2 on April 28, 2020

The Parndana Bowling Club in all its glory is a little gem in the South Australian Bowling fraternity. Being one of just three Bowling Clubs in the Kangaroo Island Bowling Association, the club provides the opportunity for local islanders to get out and participate in our great game. The club provides a much needed community gathering space for the more socially minded and also loves welcoming visitors from the ‘mainland’ as they play their part in the annual Kangaroo Island Bowling Carnival.


Whilst we are all going through a period of great difficulty, spare a thought for this club who are not only feeling the effects of Covid-19 which resulted in the cancellation of this year’s Kangaroo Island Bowling carnival amongst other tournaments, but they face this challenge on the back of narrowly surviving the challenge that was presented with the Kangaroo Island Bushfires.


With the Kangaroo Island bushfires coming right to the edge of the Parndana township, there was fears that the club may be damaged in the devastation. Thankfully they were impacted minimally and embers never burnt or damaged their green or clubhouse.  Unfortunately the fate wasn’t the same for many of their local members and other local island residents.


Post bushfires, the club made it a priority to be a meeting spot for the community to gather and rebuild, they were able to hold social functions for Blaze aid, volunteers and members of the community, before several more had to be cancelled due to Covid-19.


Whilst this has all been very difficult for the entire community, the Parndana Bowling Club want to share a message of positivity and hope you will support them to rebuild not only for their club but for the entire Parndana community.


The club this season installed a new Berry Bowling Systems synthetic green which they were only able to play on for a month between the bushfires and Covid-19. It was christened by Governor the Honourable Hieu Van Le, AC who was able to have a roll and also featured a local derby pennant clash between two Parndana sides.


The club is looking forward to the Covid-19 restrictions being lifted to get back to being a meeting place for the community, potentially hosting tour groups and other community events throughout the year. They do need your support to stay afloat however as they have only been able to have less than two months trading for the entire year and would love for you to pay them a visit at the next Kangaroo Island Carnival in April 2021! Mark it on your calendar now or get in touch with the club to show your support.