Free Agency CLOSED! Draft Trials COMPLETE! Draftees Incoming…

by BowlsSA2 on August 10, 2020

A massive week for the SA SuperLeague with Free Agency opening the week and Draft Trials and Free Agency closing out the week…


Steering committees completed their second management tasks in signing three Free Agents to their sides! Through phone calls and emails these crews did a fantastic job to secure knowledge, experience and depth to their team.


To close off the week, the Salisbury Bowling Club hosted 2 days of draft trials over the Saturday and Sunday. The trials provide an opportunity for draftee hopefuls to show off their skills in front of the coaches and what a turn out the weekend was. Salisbury saw just over 100 people put their best bowls forward playing for their chance to impress the coaches and get selected in this years draft.


See below each teams Free Agents selections;


Free Agents

Damon Edmunds

Corey Hicks

Stuart Forbes


Scott Thulborn

Cassandra Harvey

Grace Moloney

James Gregory

Josh Chopin

Tim Hicks


Free Agents

Ashley Klose

Jayden Zeller

Max Kleinig


Josh Studham

Carl Schapel

Cath Greenslade

Gabe Nardecchia

Simon Geater-Johnson

Kate Argent-Bowden


Free Agents

Ashley Halls

Gavin Pfeiffer

Theresa Emberton


Dylan Lewis

Marc Evans

Sam Dietrich

Sam Denton

Chris Thulborn

Les Carter



Free Agents

Jackson Saunders

Lucy Tiller

Matthew Hull


Jeff Davis

Simon Dorr

Adam Forbes

Gary Meekoms

Rachel Krebbekx

Vicki Degenhardt


Free Agents

Laini McGorman

Karin Lynch

Sue Coultas


Luke Pietersma

Bernie Ward

Kane Coulls

Jack Trenorden

Rhys Taylor

Will McPharlin



Free Agents

Karen Kneebone

Mathew Short

Neville Mansell


Craig Goldfinch

Michael Lodge

Mitch Percy

Chris Flavel

Tony Treloar

Vicki Arbon



Free Agents

Kevin Stock

Adam Black

Tony Lucas


Tony Devlin

Jodi Kotz

Tyson Wilson

Nathan Black

Aaron Bremner

Jackie Field



Free Agents

Gary Thompson

Yvonne Kelly

Bailey Rafferty


Mark Haines

Ben Bowman

Craig Mills

Wayne Ruediger

Fergus Rowntree

Karen Gatto



Each franchise will now look to finish its squad off by picking the best available talent in the SA Super League Draft to be held on Wednesday August 12th. All players not signed as Free agents will also be added to the draft nominations list after the Free Agency period close.

Click here to see the current list of draft applicants


Key Upcoming 2020 SA Super League dates:

August 12 – 2020 SA Super League Draft

October 16 – 2020 SA Super League Round 1


Keep visiting the Bowls SA website and Facebook page for updates as they happen.