Day 3 Wrap Up – 2020 Under 18 State Championships

by BowlsSA2 on January 22, 2020

Day 3 was open triples where participants played 3 sectional games and 1 semi final to decide who plays off for medals tomorrow.


There was 3 section winners and 1 next best who played off in the Semi Finals.

Section winners are seen below:

Section 1: N,Black/M, Freebairn/D, Greenslade

Section 2: A, Black/T, Black/R, O’Shaughnessy

Section 3: L, Tiller/E, Exton/S, Bodnar

Next Best: G, Moloney/K, Argent-Bowden/F, Scholes


Sections were ranked to play the Semi Finals as seen below:

SF 1: N,Black/M, Freebairn/D, GreensladeL, Tiller/E, Exton/S, Bodnar

SF 2: A, Black/T, Black/R, O’Shaughnessy v G, Moloney/K, Argent-Bowden/F, Scholes


Tomorrow mornings Triples Grand Finals will start at 9am. With the following match-ups:

Gold Medal Playoff: N,Black/M, Freebairn/D, Greenslade v A, Black/T, Black/R, O’Shaughnessy

Bronze Medal Playoff: L, Tiller/E, Exton/S, Bodnar v G, Moloney/K, Argent-Bowden/F, Scholes


Thursdays Schedule of Play

8:45am – Triples Medal Matches

11:15am – Open Pairs Semi Final

2:00pm – Open Pairs Medal Matches

4:45pm – Boys and Girls Singles Semi Final

7:00pm – Boys and Girls Singles Medal Matches

*Please note, these are estimated start times. Games may start ahead of these times.