CHARLIE HICKS has set a state record that will take some catching

by BOWLSSA7 on January 4, 2021


Charlie Hicks has set a state record that will take some catching.

At just 12 years of age, Adelaide Bowling Club’s Charlie became the youngest South Australian lawn bowler to play Premier League, when he was selected in his club’s top team to face fellow high-flyer West Lakes last weekend. And while his own rink was shaded by their opponents, Charlie was part of a gripping overall victory.

He was selected for his budding talent but also a calm maturity for someone not yet a teenager.

“It was pretty exciting although I was a bit nervous at first,” Charlie said.

“I just thought of it as another game, so I got prepared the usual way and did everything the same. I learnt quite a bit from it too and it was pretty fun.”

His coach is former Australian star Scott Thulborn, who drives a strong youth policy at Adelaide.

“He’s by far the youngest to reach Premier but I’m pretty sure his title will be challenged in the next year or two,” Thulborn said. “There’s even some impressive six, seven, eight-year-olds getting around these days, which is great for the sport.

“And I think to see someone like Charlie get a berth in Premier League encourages them to keep at it. Charlie is lucky to play footy in his footy season and bowls in his bowls season. To give up cricket or basketball to play bowls is a big call.”

Charlie’s debut in Premier League saw him selected alongside his father Tim and 15-year-old brother Corey.

“It was a proud moment for me,” Tim said.

Charlie and Corey played in the team alongside another 15-year-old Cooper Hocking.

All three lads played lead. The fourth lead in Adelaide’s team was Stephen McDonald, who is 55 years older than his three colleagues.