Changes to Heat and Inclement Weather Policy

by Marketing on September 30, 2022

At a recent board meeting, the Bowls SA Board approved two new heat and inclement weather policies which replaced the previous one.

Moving forward, Bowls SA events will be managed in line with the Bowls SA Heat & Inclement Weather Policy (Bowls SA Events). This document provides greater clarity to staff and those participating in Bowls SA managed events, as to tipping points and when critical decisions will be made, concerning the weather impacting the safety and integrity of the game and those involved.

Bowls SA Heat & Inclement Weather Policy (Clubs and Associations), sees little change from the previous policy with exception of the reference to Bowls SA events has been removed. Over the next 12 months, the Bowls SA Governance Committee will review this policy in terms of its usability from a club and association point of view, as well as best practices.

Both policies are now available on the Bowls SA website. All club Boards are asked to review and make themselves and their members aware of the contents of both policies.