Country Round Robin

2023-24 Country Round Robin Champions

by Marketing on February 9, 2024

This week the Women’s and Men’s Country Round Robin began on Tuesday at Lockleys and Marion Bowling Clubs respectively, concluding in an exciting finish on Friday.

At Lockley’s, as the final day approached on Friday morning, there was a mere 9-point difference between the leading team and the third-place team. The top three teams were set to face non-contenders in the last round of matches.

A tight finish saw the crowning of the women’s winner as Region 4 – North Eastern means they pipped second place getters Region 5 Eyre Peninsula by just 1 point.

The women’s best performed rink came from Region 1 South Eastern’s lead Jodie Mark, second Judy Lack, third Sarah Moss, skip Belinda Pepper with 6 wins and a shot difference of +45.

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In the Men’s, the margin between second, third, and fourth place was so narrow that not even a single point separated them. The leader in first place was only a few rink points ahead. The outcome of the men’s competition on the final morning could go in favour of any of these teams.

With one round to play, first played second and 3rd and 4th played non-contenders, meaning a big morning on the cards. Second placed Region 4 toppled last years reigning champs Region 1 who were ladder leaders going into the final round to follow their female counter parts to crown Region 4 the Men’s Champions. This is the first time since 2020 that the Country Round Robin women’s and men’s has been won by the same region.

The men’s best performed rink was region 3 Upper Northern’s lead Daniel Kerr, second Darian Dunkley, third Matthew Traeger & skip Todd Brand with 6 wins and shot difference of +60.

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