Arthurton’s Simon and Harrison Geater-Johnson

Family affair in state singles knockout

by Marketing on April 4, 2023

A recent state singles knockout match had extra bragging rights on the line when a father and son faced off.

Arthurton’s Simon and Harrison Geater-Johnson did battle in the recent region two state singles knockout rounds, with father, Simon, coming away with a 21-20 victory.

Simon, who was a member of the South Australian open men’s team that took part in last year’s national championships, said it was “always a possibility” the draw would work out for them to face off.

“I got really lucky in the sectionals, I lost a game, but got through on shots up, while Harrison got through with three wins,” he said.

“I drew the bye first up in the knockouts, so Harrison had to face Kevin Robinson, who has been going extremely well in state events and in the country carnival.

“We knew that Harrison would have to bowl extremely well to get through that, and he did 21-13 and he was bowling extremely well.”

Simon said he knew he would have to be at his best to battle Harrison for the first time in an official singles match.

“I had a quick roll-up before we kicked off because I knew I would have to be on my game,” he said.

“I have only ever played against him once and that was in the state pairs, but we had never played each other competitively in singles.”

The pair agreed the match was played in the right spirit, with plenty of fun had by all.

“It was ultra-competitive, both of us don’t like to take a backwards step, but at the end of the day we both agreed that it was really fun,” Simon said.

“We ripped into each other a couple of times, but we played with the ultimate respect and there were a couple of high fives when one of us played a bomb.”

Simon the match brought up plenty of emotions as a father?

“I have had a lot of people say I should have let him win, it was a bit mean of me beating him, but I’m 45 and he is 17, so I think he is going to beat me plenty of times in the future, so I’m not prepared to give up any yet,” he said.

“Was I happy with the win, absolutely and was I shattered for him, of course.

“It was mixed emotions for me, we had a hug after the game and I must admit I am a bit of a sook and I did get a little bit emotional.”

Simon emphasised the benefits of playing bowls, in particular for families.

“I took up the game when I was about 32 due to knee injuries and I heard everyone say it was a great game,” he said.

“I used to think well that’s just what people say, but 100 per cent it is the greatest sport in the world.”

“Everyone is equal, you can play with your grandparents and your kids, it is a fantastic game.”

A proud dad, Simon is excited by what the future holds for Harrison when it comes to bowls.

“I know I am his father and I am extremely proud and a little bit biased, but his bowls has improved through the roof over the past 12-18 months,” he said.

“He is loving the game as well, I tell him don’t think you have to play because I do or grandpa does, you have to play it because you love it.”

“I have heard him put bowls above a lot of things, he really loves the game, the tactics, the competitiveness.”