Club Super Challenge 2023 Winners

Club Super Challenge a winner

by Marketing on March 30, 2023

The first running of a competition now under Bowls SA’s umbrella has been labelled a success by all involved.

The finals of the Club Super Challenge were held at the Adelaide Bowling Club on Sunday night, with three grades being played of the new format, which saw teams go head-to-head in singles, pairs, triples and fours rinks in each match.

Modbury (pictured left) defeated Lockleys to win the Gold grade grand final, while Woodville (pictured middle) beat Payneham in the Silver decider and Clarence Gardens (pictured right) took down Adelaide in the Bronze finale.

Lockleys’ Brad Jansen said he is a big fan of the Club Super Challenge competition.

“What it does is bring a variety in format, so rather than just the traditional fours, you have the singles, pairs, triples and fours,” he said.

“It is played under lights at night, so you get more of that entertainment feel as well with the music and the barbecue.

“It is a great family event, as they come out, watch, and support.

“Being of the gold, silver and bronze set up it allows clubs to use it as a development pathway for players.

“Players that wouldn’t usually get the opportunity to play certain positions or with certain teammates, now they can mix it up.”

Brad said the Lockleys Bowling Club fully supports the competition as it continues to grow.

“We have been a supporter of this competition as it has evolved over the years under different formats and different names,” he said.

“We have been a big supporter again this year and our club even donated the time and volunteers to livestream the final.

“We are really excited about seeing the competition grow and go wider and deeper across the state.”

Brad encouraged other clubs to consider taking part in the competition due to the benefits it can provide.

“What I would encourage the clubs to do is not treat it as a secondary competition, get it well integrated into your selection processes, promote it within your club and what you will find is that it will give you opportunities to blood and uncover new talent,” he said.

“You can give players opportunities in what might be seen as a lower-risk situation to show what they can do in other positions and other formats.”

Clarence Garden’s Brett Baldey labelled the Club Super Challenge a “great initiative”.

“It allows you to give development opportunities to different players and also incorporate players that might not get the chance to play in the different formats throughout the season,” he said.

“The format with the singles, pairs, triples and fours is a good opportunity for players to develop their game.”

Brett said his club has utilised the extra matches as a chance to develop its players.

“I try to encourage from a Clarence Gardens point of view that every time we step on the green it is a new opportunity to try and get better,” he said.

“This is no different, you are playing against good players all the time and the format is fast, so it is a good opportunity to grow.”

Baldey said he “would highly encourage all clubs to be involved” in the competition next season.

“Any time you can put your club on the map and be present in the bowls community, it is going to help,” he said.

“It is only helping develop your players, which benefits your club.”

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