SA Super League Round 5

by BowlsSA1 on August 30, 2019

SA SUPER LEAGUE – 30 August 2019

Round 5 proceedings began with Mallee Pirates due to play Heysen Comets and Southern Blazers facing Central Chargers. The second timeslot saw Northern Knights tackling South Eastern Spartans and Eastern Raiders meeting Western Rogues.


Davis (Pirates) and Forbes (Comets) had an entertaining singles match with the lead changing many times during the match; the lead no more than 3 shots at any stage. Going into the last end, the scores were tied 16-apiece. Who would take the final honours? As it panned out, Davis gained the crucial shot to notch a 17-16 win.

The pairs’ clash between Carter/Hull (Pirates) and Harvey/Chopin (Comets) was a game of two halves. Pirates were leading 10-8 after 8 ends only to see Comets amass 29 shots to 3 over the remaining 9 ends; Comets winning 37-13.

In another close the triples match between Hentschke/Fuss/Forbes (Pirates) and Wrigley/Edmunds/Hicks (Comets) went down to the wire. Comets held a 13-6 lead after 11 ends; after end 15, the scores were tied 13-all. Pirates scored 4 shots on end 16 which Comets matched on end 17; one end to play and it was 17-all. A single shot on that final end gave Pirates the win 17-16.

Despite having only one discipline up, Comets recorded a handy 70-48 victory.

U21 – Despite Evers/Tiller (Pirates) taking an early lead against Harkness/Mooney (Comets), the Comets’ pair edged away over the remainder of the match to deliver Comets a 28-17 win.



Chargers have a comfortable win over Blazers.

The Singles discipline featured Dietrich (Blazers) against Mills (Chargers). A close contest ensued over the opening ends until Dietrich gained a four on end 7 to take a 9-4 lead. Slowly, Mills staged a comeback to hold a handy 15-11 lead after 17 ends. However, end 20 proved to be decisive with Dietrich gaining a power play 6 shots to snatch a 19-16 lead, which he held onto over the final two ends to record a 20-19 win.

Bowman/Ruediger (Chargers) were never challenged in their match against Whiley/Denton (Blazers), winning 23-7.

After an even start, with scores 8-7 after 7 ends, the Chargers’ combination of Kneebone/Callisto/Haines edged away to record a 24-15 over Burgess/Coultas/Evans (Blazers).

Overall, Central Chargers defeated Southern Blazers 66-42.

U21 – In another one-sided match, the Lewis/Denton (Blazers) pair had an easy 23-8 win against Freebairn/Freebairn (Chargers).



The Singles clash between McPharlin (Knights) and Fiebig (Spartans) was decisively won by McPharlin to the tune of 25-14, winning 14 of the 22 ends played.

In the pairs, Black/Wilson (Spartans) only allowed Woolfit/Brand (Knights) to win 3 of the 18 ends played: the final score was 33-5 in favour of Spartans.

While the result in the Bodnar/Pietersma/Collis (Knights) – Field/Bremner/Besser (Spartans) was 18-20 for Spartans, the latter triple combination had the match in hand despite losing a 6 on the final end.

The outcome saw Spartans defeat Knights 67-48.

U21 – In a one-sided affair, the Knights’ pair of Olsen/Trenorden had a very comfortable 28-13 victory over Jacobs/Black (Spartans).



Dickson (Raiders) and Kleinig (Rogues) had an enthralling battle in their singles match with the last end played determining the winner; 21-19 in Dickson’s favour,

Golby/Seller (Rogues) were never headed against the Raiders’ pair of Mansell/Short, taking the match out 24-15.

The final match between Rafferty/Arbon/Percy (Raiders) and Greenslade/Moloney/Geater-Johnson (Rogues) was keenly fought throughout with Raiders only gaining the edge on ends 14 and 15; the final result was 16-11.

In the closest match of the round, Rogues won 54-52.

U21 – An interesting clash took place between Armitage/Saunders (Raiders) and Greenslade/Bednar (Rogues). After 12 ends, the Raiders’ pair held a comfortable 16-7 lead. Ten shots over the next three ends suddenly saw Rogues in front 17-16. Each side, in turn, gained 2 shots on the last three shots with Raiders snatching a nail-biting 20-19 win.


The Super League standings after Round 5 are: Comets 50 pts, Chargers 46, Rogues 30, Pirates 28, Raiders 26, Spartans 26, Knights 20, Blazers 14.

For the U21, the standings are: Blazers 10, Knights 10, Spartans 9, Raiders 8, Rogues 6, Pirates 6, Comets 6, Chargers 3.


The final two rounds will be played on Sunday 8th September at Salisbury Bowling Club, commencing from 10 am. Come along to see which sides make the Super League Semi-finals for the 2019 season.