Isaac says farewell to Bowls SA

by BOWLSSA7 on February 10, 2021

After a year and a half in the role of Relationship Officer with Bowls SA, Isaac Trenorden is departing.

Isaac said it was far from an easy decision to depart his current role with Bowls SA for a new opportunity interstate.

“I am sad to be leaving, it was a very hard decision to make,” he said.

“I ummed and ahhed on it for weeks.

“I love what I do here at Bowls SA and I didn’t necessarily want to leave, but a great opportunity came up at a bowls club in Sydney and I thought well why not take it on.”

Isaac said the working environment at Bowls SA was a really good fit.

“I like to have fun and enjoy myself and I enjoy making other people smile. These are all things I was able to do inside and outside the office with Bowls SA,” he said.

He highlighted one of the parts of his job he has enjoyed most over the past 18 months.

“One of the best parts of my jobs has been the amount of people that I have been able to meet and influence, specifically in that coaching space,” he said.

Isaac’s departure will also see him finish up as South Australian Under 18 boys coach, a role he has cherished since taking it on early last year.

“Before I started here it was always something I had been interested in,” he said.

“Coming through the juniors and seeing the coaches we have had in the past, I have always looked up to them and thought that would be a cool gig to do one day.

“Then add in the passion I have for lawn bowls plays a major part in that as well.

“To be able to be such a major part of the sport is something I will be forever grateful for getting the opportunity to do.”