Without Bias

by BowlsSA3 on November 12, 2019

It has been six years since the Equal Opportunity (Sporting Competitions) Amendment Bill 2013 was passed; addressing the concern with the provisions that prohibited discrimination on the grounds of sex, chosen gender or sexuality.

Everyone has sub conscious preferences influenced by our background, past experiences, societal stereotypes and cultural context, and gender stereotyping is a common unconscious bias.  Unconscious biases are essential to everyday living, helping us be efficient and responsive.  However unconscious processes are prone to errors and left unrecognised and uncorrected, can lead to distorted decision-making, bias and blinkered thinking.

For six years women and non-binary persons have been selected to compete alongside men in the open gender competitions.  For coaches and selectors, remaining objective is imperative to upholding fair process, strong competition and satisfied members.  For voting members at an AGM, remaining objective is imperative to ensure the successful candidates have the right purpose and most appropriate skill set.

Which poses the question; how do you ensure your decisions are without bias?

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