Uraidla Bowling Club Have Found Their Winning Ticket

by BowlsSA2 on April 24, 2020

The Uraidla Bowling Club, situated in the centre of the hills town of Uraidla has implemented a small but extremely successful money making machine.

The club and their loyal sponsor, The Bridgewater Inn, have struck a deal where the club hires a bingo machine and places it within the Hotel. Tickets are purchased from a supplier, the cost of which also covers the rent for the machine.
The Bridgewater Inn has a much higher participation rate throughout the year, compared to that of the bowling club, therefore increasing the use on the machine. Uraidla has estimated an approximate profit of $5000 per year, which, for a small club is a huge revenue raiser.

The machine requires some planning to initiate, a lotteries licence and bookkeeping throughout. Once the machine has commenced in its designated spot it is just a matter of keeping the machine stocked with tickets and having an arrangement with the Hotel to collect the money from the machine and pay out on winning tickets.
A great initiative by the team at Uraidla and something other clubs could consider.