The story of a famous green blazer

by Marketing on June 29, 2021

This story is about a green blazer.

Not just any green blazer, it has the Bowls Australia emblem on the left side top pocket, and the tie worn is green gold and black

This blazer has travelled to many countries, including England, Spain, South Africa, Kuala Lumpur, the games in Busan, South Korea, New Zealand, Queensland, Sydney, Melbourne.

The man wearing the green blazer held the position of coach/manager of the SA disability lawn bowls team, and was President of the International Wheelchair and amputee Paralympics committee.

After 14 years of travel his feet stayed on the green still very much involved as Umpire and ITO.

Not too long ago I unzipped the black bag, which held the retired green blazer.

I could not with all my heart dismiss this well-kept precious well-loved green blazer, however a quick email to Bowls Australia soon came back with, “thank you for the kind offer of the Blazer, our Historian would love to accept the blazer, which would be placed on display in the Museum”.

I sent the blazer by special delivery, the return reply was, “thank you very much for taking the trouble to send this precious Item to us, we really appreciate it”.

The proud man wearing the Australian Jacket is Alfred Boyle, my Husband of 60 years.

  • Story supplied by Carol Boyle OAM