State Pairs Knockouts – Sunday November 15th – Hot Weather forecast

by BowlsSA2 on November 13, 2020

RE: State Pairs Knockouts November 15th – Hot weather forecast


With the forecast temperature for certain regional areas being 38 degrees Celcius or above for this date as per the BOM website at 4:30pm today, in line with the Bowls SA Heat & Inclement Weather Policy 

Bowls SA has made recommendations to Regional State Event Managers for those areas affected. If you are scheduled to play in a Regional State Pairs Knockout game on Sunday November 15th, we encourage you to seek communication from your Regional State Event Manager for any changes to your programming.


For Metropolitan State Pairs Knockouts participants, play will be going ahead as scheduled earlier in the week. If you have any queries or concerns, please contact the Event Manager Jess Alvaro on 0409 711 476


A reminder that there is a duty of care to all participants to look after each other by providing adequate breaks, water for player hydration, and utilising shade and sun protection products. If any player believes there health is at risk for participating in the event, they are encouraged to withdraw for their own safety.