South Australians at AO 23

South Australian Wrap of the Australian Open 2023

by Marketing on June 26, 2023

Hundreds of South Australian bowlers travelled to the Gold Coast in June to soak up the sunshine while competing in the biggest Australian Open to date.

Most prominent was the sisters-in-law team of Debra and Karin Lynch who secured the Over 60’s Women’s Pairs Title holding their nerve down to the last-minute taking home their maiden championship.

After nearly two weeks of thrilling finals and plenty of matches going down to the wire, South Australians can be proud to have the long list below of bowlers who reached the knockouts and finals.

Women’s Over 60’s Pairs – Knockout

Round 2Margaret Chandler (SA), Sharon Cavanagh (SA)
Round 2Sharyn Renshaw (NSW), Beth Quinlan (SA)
Round 2Sharon McReynoldss (NSW), Sue Coultas (SA)
Round 1Sue Hutchinson (SA), Wendy Clarke (NSW)
Round 1Merilyn Goldby (QLD), Judy Strauss (SA)
Round 1Pattey Burry (SA), Gayle Steinwedel (SA)

Women’s Over 60’s Pairs – Final

Crowned ChampionsDebra Lynch (SA), Karin Lynch (SA)

Men’s Over 60’s Pairs – Knockout

Round 3James Lynch (SA), Stephen Lynch (SA)
Round 3Stephen Jones (SA), Theo Katsivas (SA)
Round 2Terry Lehmann (SA), Rixon Lehmann (QLD)
Round 2Kevin Robinson (SA), Daryl Steinwedel (SA)
Round 1Gary McCarthy (TAS), Roy Palmer (SA)
Round 1Michael Hocking (SA), Trevor Feast (SA)
Round 1Robert Hutchinson (SA), Max Viterale (QLD)
Round 1Kevin Fox (SA), Karl Kreuzer (SA)
Round 1Craig Oborn (SA), Malcolm Johns (SA)
Round 1John Higgins (SA), Alister Behenna (SA)
Round 1Peter Wiget (NSW), Timothy Strauss (SA)
Round 1Kari Heikkonen (SA), Ray Whichelo (SA)
Round 1Barry Kirchner (SA), Ian Lane (SA)

Women’s Fours – Knockout

Round 3G. Moloney (SA), S. Kurzman (VIC), R. Lord (NSW), K. Argent-Bowden (SA)
Round 3D. Lilley (SA), L. Phillips (SA), L. Robinson (SA), S. Phillips (SA)
Round 2S. Hutchinson (SA), P. Edmunds (SA), W. Clarke (NSW), S. Wallace (SA)
Round 2K. Kirchner (SA), Y. Bekeris (SA), F. Anderson (SA), L. Modra (SA)
Round 2K. Cooper (NZ), M. Lehmann (SA), G. Steinwedel (SA), D. Strawbridge (NZ)
Round 1C. Maslen (VIC), S. Connolly (VIC), M. Goldby (QLD), J. Strauss (SA)
Round 1O. Piper (SA), V. Degenhardt (SA), R. Krebbekx (SA), L. McGorman (SA)
Round 1J. Shirt (NSW), M. Parcell (NSW), S. Renshaw (NSW), B. Quinlan (SA)

Women’s Fours – Finals

Semi FinalM. Chandler (SA), M. Leighton (VIC), J. Redshaw (SA), S. Cavanagh (SA)
Quarter FinalG. Moloney (SA), S. Kurzman (VIC), R. Lord (NSW), K. Argent-Bowden (SA)

Men’s Fours – Knockout

Round 4B. Baldey (SA), L. Guy (SA), S. Curtaiin (SA), R. Martin (SA)
Round 4J. Zeller (SA), J. Studham (SA), T. Wilson (SA), N. Black (SA)
Round 3M. Miles (NSW), N. Pedersen (SA), G. Kelly (NSW), C. Healey (NSW)
Round 2G. Chirico (SA), C. Wlaker (QLD), M. Byrom (QLD), G. Boccaccio (SA)
Round 2A. Raponi (SA), F. McAuliffe (SA), D. Dunkley (SA), B. Murdock (SA)
Round 2P. Crouch (SA), R. Wilson (SA), S. Jones (SA), T. Katsivas (SA)
Round 2K. Robinson (SA), D. Hateley (SA), D. Steinwedel (SA), J. Hateley (SA)
Round 2T. Baldey (SA), P. Lawrie (SA), D. Aust (SA), J. Munro (SA)
Round 2P. Ausburn (SA), J. Hodgetts (SA), B. Cavanagh (SA), K. Redshaw (SA)
Round 1S. Lynch (SA), B. Lynch (SA), J. Lynch (SA), J. Blacker (SA)
Round 1G. Cotter (NZ), J. Morris, (NZ), P. Lukat (SA), D. Ball (NZ)
Round 1R. Palmer (SA), P. Calvert (NZ), L. Modra (SA), T. Howard (SA)
Round 1M. Buttfield (SA), S. Wright (SA), G. Coultas (SA), J. Buttfield (SA)
Round 1B. Burnett (SA), N. Cronin (SA), W. Collins (SA), J. Voigt (SA)
Round 1G. McGough (SA), K. Heikkonen (SA), J. Hallows (SA), R. Whichelo (SA)

Men’s Fours – Finals

Semi FinalC. Hicks (SA), I. Jesser (SA), T. Hicks (SA), B. Bowman (SA)

U18 Boys Singles – Knockout

Round 1Cooper Hocking (Adelaide, SA)

U18 Boy’s Singles – Finals

Quarter FinalCharlie Hicks (GBC, SA)

Women’s Singles – Knockout

Round 4Kate Argent-Bowden (Angaston, SA)
Round 4Sharon Cavanagh (Moonta, SA)
Round 2Rachel Krebbekx (Adelaide, SA)
Round 1Sue Hutchinson (HBC, SA)
Round 1Pamela Edmunds (Streaky Bay, SA)
Round 1Grace Moloney (ABC, SA)
Round 1Val Deeble (HBC, SA)

Men’s Singles – Knockout

Round 6Tyson Wilson (GBC, SA)
Round 5Nathan Pedersen (Somerton, SA)
Round 5Glen Mc Gough (Somerton, SA)
Round 4Giovanni Boccaccio (Toorak Burnside, SA)
Round 4Josh Studham (Somerton, SA)
Round 3Jason Hallows (Somerton, SA)
Round 3Ashley Halls (Lockleys, SA)
Round 3Theo Katsivas (Lockleys, SA)
Round 2Colin Watkins (Hawthorn, SA)
Round 2Roy Palmer (West Lakes, SA)
Round 2Steven Wright (Henley, SA)
Round 2John Munro (Somerton, SA)
Round 2Nathan Black (GBC, SA)
Round 2Timothy Hicks (Holdfast Bay, SA)
Round 2Corey Hicks (Adelaide, SA)
Round 1Brett Baldey (CGBC, SA)
Round 1Brian Burnett (WBC, SA)

Women’s Pairs – Knockout

Round 3Rachel Krebbekx (SA), Laini McGorman (SA)
Round 2Sophie Kurzman (VIC), Kate Argent-Bowden (SA)
Round 1Grace Moloney (SA), Rebekah Lord (NSW)

Men’s Pairs – Knockout

Round 4Nathan Pedersen (SA), Nathan Black (SA)
Round 3David Prior (SA), Tim Hicks (SA)
Round 2Wayne Collins (SA), Jono Voigt (SA)
Round 2Josh Studham (SA), Stuart Forbes (SA)
Round 1David Aust (SA), Lynton Modra (SA)
Round 1John Munro (SA), Paul Lawrie (SA)

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We filtered through hundreds of sectional and knockout results to get this information about our South Aussies. If we have missed you please email us with your name, discipline and section number so we can add you to our list.

Images credit to Bowls Australia