Senior Supa Series

Bowls SA runs a Supa Series flagship event for Seniors that attracts participants and visitors from both intrastate and interstate. The competition provides a pathway for athletes to represent South Australia on the National stage. All eligible bowlers are welcome to enter in the event. 

The next events on the Bowls SA Senior Supa Series calendar include:

Watch this space for all the upcoming events

The events above are the State National Pathway for the National Senior Sides Championships in 2022. The Senior State team will be selected from participants who compete in a minimum of 2 days of Senior Supa Series events, with State Senior Selectors to be in attendance. If you are interested in the opportunity to play Bowls for your state or to play a social game with participants that are all over 60 then these are the events for you.

All Days are 9:30am arrival for 10:00am Start
One end roll up. 
Game 1: Fours – 13 ends, 2 bowls.  
Games 2 and 3 (split over lunch) – 10 ends and 3 bowl format. 
Game 4: Fours – 10 ends, 2 bowls. 
No dead ends – jack to be re-spotted on the middle T.

$100 per team per day (includes lunch)

Teams are able to enter for singular or multiple days of competition. You can mix and match and have a different team each day if you like!


$700 Prize Money each day

Prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd each day

Medley of Pairs and Fours 

Bowls Attire 

TEAM ELIGIBILITY (For all Senior Supa Series events) 

Must be over 60 by the first competition day of the relevant upcoming Senior Supa Series Event.