Sandy set for another board stint

by Marketing on November 3, 2020

Sandra Wallace, or Sandy as she is better known, was last week re-elected for another term on the Bowls SA board.
Sandy was first elected to the board in November 2014 and has continued in the role since then.
She has been members of the Murray Bridge, Adelaide and Holdfast Bay Bowling Clubs since taking up the sport in 1990, while she has also represented South Australia on more than 100 occasions.
Sandy is a qualified International Technical Official, which has seen her officiate as a marker at the World Bowls, Asia Pacific and Australian Open finals.
She currently holds a position with Bowls Australia as a mentor, trainer and assessor of umpires and markers at Bowls Australia events, while she is also an accredited coach.
Sandy said she is looking forward to continuing on with the work done by the board in recent years.
“I think the main thing is the fact that lots of things that we have started over the last couple of years, I have been really keen to continue on with,” she said.
“I have seen great improvements in the last two to three years in particular.

“There are things you want to see happen and to still be part of it and to have the opportunity is something I am grateful for.
“I have still got a passion for the game and we have made some massive inroads in officiating, which has been my number one thing since I retired from playing state bowls.
“To see that being improved in our state is great and I am really keen to help continue that.
“I am on the committee for the advisory group NOAG (National Officiating Advisory Group), and there are things that we are doing there that will be re-laid out to all the states, so I am really excited about that.
“There have also been a few things with state events that I am really pleased to see that we have made some changes with, which I think the people want.
“It is good to be part of the process and I can see things change for the better.
“Some of these things take time, but Rome wasn’t built in a day, so it can’t all just happen in one or two years with what we have been trying to do.”

Sandy also noted improved communication with country bowling clubs and associations as something she has been proud of and hopes to see more of.
“Going to the Super League the last couple of Sundays, there have been a lot of country people there because they come down to play, and speaking to them, I know a lot of them have been really pleased with the Bowls SA staff and that they have been allocated as a caretaker and a contact point for each of the regions,” she said.
“Knowing that they have appreciated that is great.
“A few years ago, even though they were represented, they had a very small voice, but they haven’t, they have got a big voice and a lot of sway in a lot of things.
“When you are going to the country areas for the Senior Supa Series, I have seen all these changes in the past few years and it has been great, especially when you hear all the positives coming from the bowls community, that makes it all worthwhile.”
Sandy believes bowls in South Australia is well placed following the worst of the coronavirus pandemic.
“I think we have been one of the lucky states in South Australia,” she said.

“The fact that we have been able to start our pennants when we planned to and the fact that we were able to complete the state championships is great.
“To have those winners to go on to the nationals, which Bowls Australia are still hoping to have in the coming year, is fabulous.
“In the grand scheme of things, we really didn’t have that many events that we had to cancel.
“I think the state has gone about it very well and hopefully we can all stay healthy and everyone does the right thing so we can continue on and complete this 2020/21 season.”
Sandy believes the removal of one key hurdle will well and truly get bowls back on track.
“Opening up the borders with Victoria is going to be a massive thing,” she said.
“We all want to see that because we have got Champion of Champions and Australian Championships happening in Victoria in March and May.
“We want people from our state to be able to go and represent our state at those national competitions.

“Then there is the BPL, and the Adelaide Bowling Club has got a team in that, and they are hoping to have that at the end of February.
“It would be great if it all stays on track and if we can get somewhere near back to normal.”
“I am very positive and I am sure we are heading in the right direction.”