SA Super League – Rounds 2 & 3 Results

by admin on August 4, 2018

An exciting day greeted the Salisbury Bowling Club for a Sunday double header of SA Super League. It was a winters day weatherwise with wind and rain hovering around all day but it again didn’t stop a committed crowd gathering to watch some great matches.

Round 2 Kicked off at 10am with the Heysen Comets matched up against the South Eastern Spartans. In the Singles Darren Niblett represented the Comets facing off against Blake Fiebig who again held the singles mantle for the Spartans. It was a close game early, before Fiebig put together a match winning run in the second half to claim the rink 10-23 for the Spartans. The pairs game was showcased on the Live stream rink and it was a game that was worthy of doing so. Scott Thulborn & James Gregory represented the Comets and lead for the majority of the game over Nathan Black & Tyson Wilson for the Spartans. With all players playing well it came down to the last end with both teams deploying their final Super End. The Spartans duo claimed two shots, which doubled to four and resulted in a 19 all draw for the pairs. Finally the triples disciplines saw Matthew Armitage, Ian Miller & Damon Edmunds of the Comets taking on Alex Reynolds, Scott Binns & Tony Devlin representing the Spartans. The Spartans made great use of their Super Ends in this game claiming scores of four and six which set them up for a 12-28 victory. Inevidebly the final score was a 41-70 victory for the South Eastern Spartans who improved to two wins from two starts claiming 11 points to the Spartans 1.

In the opposing match the Southern Blazers took on the Northern Knights with both teams looking to open their accounts after losses in Round 1. In the singles, after having a win last week Geoff Munn represented the Blazers taking on Bernie Ward for the Knights. The duo were locked at 8 a piece after 11 ends from there Ward had the better of his opponent and claimed a 11-16 victory and the rink win for the Knights. In the pairs Ben Fidock and Gavin Pfeiffer from the Blazers took on Jack Trenorden & Kane Coulls for the Knights. The Knights combination started strongly establishing an early lead and never looked back even scoring shots on the last six ends to run away to a 6-25 victory to set up the overall scoreboard for the Knights. The Southern Blazers triples combination of Theresa Emberton, Justin Parkinson & Marc Evans tried to their best to turn the overall scoreboard in favour of the Blazers playing well throughout the game and recording a 24-6 rink victory over Karin Lynch, Brent Marshall and Matthew Short for the Knights. It wasn’t quite enough however as the overall scoreboard finished 41-47 over the Knights who claimed 10 points to the Blazers 2 and opened their victory account for the 2018 SA Super League.
The same teams then began their Round 3 match ups with the Southern Blazers looking to open their account against the Heysen Comets. In the Singles Geoff Munn of the Blazers matched up against Ashley Halls of the Comets. A great game followed with both players showing their singles experience and going shot for shot where they entered the last end tied at 14. Munn had a Super End up his sleeve and managed to score two shots which doubled to four as he clinched a 18-14 rink win for the Blazers. In the Pairs Stephanie Clarke and Gavin Pfeiffer of the Blazers took on Grace Moloney and Cassandra Harvey of the Comets in the match which was on the showcase rink. It was another high quality affair with little separating the teams as they were tied at 12 all after 13 ends. The Blazers then put together a match winning run claiming four ends in a row to take an 18-13 victory. Finally the triples encounter saw Harry Burgess, Justin Parkinson & Marc Evans of the Blazers pitted against Jackie Gardiner, Josh Chopin, Scott Thulborn of the Comets. Things looked promising for the Blazers after they claimed a strong win in the triples in Round 2, however they ran into a strong triples outfit with all players for the Comets playing well. The Blazers were powerless to defend the onslaught as they succumbed 9-29. This gave the overall scoreboard honors to the Comets as who recorded a 45-56 victory and with one rink win, the points were 4 to the Blazers and 8 to the Comets.
The other side of the green saw the Northern Knights taking on the South Eastern Spartans. In the singles, two country representatives faced off with Darren Warner representing the Knights against Darryl Stopp for the Spartans. Warner had the stronger showing early and maintained the advantage throughout the match as Stopp couldn’t peg back the deficit, Warner claimed a 24-11 victory for the Knights. In the pairs Yvonne Kelly & Todd Brand represented the Knights against Jodi Kotz and Brand’s Laura clubmate Jake Prior. It was a close game early as would be expected between these familiar pairs before Kotz & Prior pulled away for the Spartans and despite a comeback attempt from the Knights pair the Spartans duo prevailed 18-25. This left things in the balance for the triples with Cooper Hocking, Matthew Short & Luke Pietersma representing the Knights against Danyon Greenslade, Vicki Arbon & Ken Holtham for the Spartans. The Knights looked like they would run away with the match early leading 12-2 before the Spartans Trio began to peg them back and closed the scores to 13-11. The Knights held their nerve to claim the rink 18-12 which would set up an overall victory 60-48 claiming 10 points to the Spartans 2.
The third round for the day saw the remaining round 2 match ups kicking off. The match between the Western Rogues and Central Chargers was a top of the table clash from the overall leader board after round 1. The singles discipline was a cracking match up for the live-stream rink, with the Rogues Josh Studham facing off with the Chargers Craig Mills. The battle saw a tight tussle, Studham was three shots ahead after the eighth end before Mills strung a number of single shots together to take the lead, a late attempt by Studham to even up the match 10 all on 14 then saw Mills finish strongly to take the game 15-12. The Chargers’ pair of Steven Dennis and Wayne Ruediger lined up against the Rogues pair of Marty Moloney and Ashley Klose, with the Chargers out of the blocks early racing to a 8-2 lead. The Rogues duo fired back and took a single shot lead after the 13th end, before the use of a Super End by the Chargers saw them take the lead again, a run of single scores by the Rogues then results in the last end seeing the teams locked on 13 all – with the Chargers taking the cake converting a single to a 2 after the use of their final Super End to win 15-13. The Triples game saw Renata Callisto, Ben Bowman and Mark Haines for the Chargers pitted against the Rogues Jackie Field, Corey Wildash and Sam Dietrich, the fantastic battle saw the Chargers trio lead early, before the Rogues staged a late run, helped by the use of their second Super End took the scoreline to 15-17 with two ends to play, before the Chargers also called on their second Super End to turn a single into two on the second to last end, before holding out the Rogues finishing 19-17. Seeing the Chargers take out the overall honors 49-42.
On the other half of the green, the Mallee Pirates and Eastern Raiders were fighting it out. The singles battle saw the Pirates Gary Thompson going into battle against the Raiders Mitch Percy. Percy took the first two ends before the see-sawing game saw the match 10-9 in Percy’s favour after 12 ends, before Thompson picked up a four to jump in front – Percy battled hard but Thompson took the spoils with another four on the last end to win 19-13. The pairs saw Jackson Saunders and Tony Lucas for the Raiders lining up against Bailey Rafferty and Josh Thompson for the Pirates, with the Pirates taking the lead early and never looking back, clever use of their Super Ends saw the Piratesincreasing their lead against the strongly battling Raiders pair who worked hard to try and stay in the game before the Pirates took the win 30-6. The triples rubber saw the Eastern Raiders represented by Michael Lodge, Chris Flavel and Carl Schapel, with the Mallee Pirates triple made up of Lucy Tiller, Matthew Freebairn and Andrew Hill. The closely contested game saw the lead swapping a bit, with the Pirates up 9-5 before the Raiders put their foot down and stormed home to win 19-9.  The Mallee Pirates took the overall win 58-38.
The final matches for the day saw the remaining round 3 games played, and what a round it was. The Western Rogues took on the Eastern Raiders, with the singles match up seeing the return of Simon Geater-Johnson for the Rogues with the Raiders represented by Tony Treloar. A tightly contested opening half saw Geater-Johnson leading well 15-5 after 13 ends, before Treloar fought gallantly to try and even the account, before Geater-Johnson took the spoils 17-12. The pairs discipline saw the Rogues with Brady Slater and Jayden Zeller taking on the Raiders’ Mitch Percy and Carl Schapel. A see-sawing battle saw the scores locked at 13 all after 15 ends, before a might effort from the Raiders saw them score strongly in the last three ends to claim the win with a 24-13 victory. The live-streamed Triples game had the makings of a close battle, with the Rogues’ Kate Argent-Bowden, Di Murch and Max Kleinig against the Raiders’ Laini McGorman, Michael Lodge and Chris Flavel, the early lead went to the Raiders with a 9-2 lead after 7 ends, before the Rogues fought their way back into the match to square it up at 12 a piece after 15, making for a tense three ends before the Raiders claimed the match 15-13. The Raiders took the overall victory with a 51-43 scoreline over the Rogues.
The Central Chargers lined up against the Mallee Pirates with both teams coming off strong victories in round 2. In the Singles match, the Pirates’ Andrew Hill had a close battle with the Chargers’ Craig Mills, with the leader chaging repeatedly before Hill claimed a 4 with the call of a Super End on the second to last end, catapulting him into the box seat and closing the game out with a single to win 18-15. The Pairs contest saw the Pirates duo of under-18 Matthew Freebairn paired with stalwart Jeff Davis, taking on the Chargers’ unchanged pairing of Steven Dennis and Wayne Ruediger. The Pirates pair held the lead early, before the scoreline evened up at 11 all on 12, a strong four ends saw the Pirates up 19-11 on 16, and whilst the Chargers duo claimed a five and a single on their last two ends, it wasn’t quite enough with the Pirates taking the spoils 19-17. Renata Callisto, Ben Bowman and Mark Haines again lined up in the triples for the Chargers, with the Pirates opposing line up of Bailey Rafferty, Cath Greenslade and Gary Meekoms, the match saw the Pirates out of the blocks early before the Chargers evened up and applied the pressure. With the Chargers up 16-13 and time ticking away, the 17th end proved to be the final with the Pirates taking a four to claim the match by a single shot, 17-16. The Pirates made it two from two on the Super Sunday to claim the overall against the Chargers 54-48.
Almost half way through the minor rounds and the ladder is starting to shape up with some fantastic match ups looming – head to the Salisbury Bowling Club next Friday 10 August from 6pm to cheer on your favourite team in the SA Super League.

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