SA Super League Round 4

by BowlsSA2 on August 23, 2019

SA SUPER LEAGUE – 23 August 2019

Round 4 proceedings began with Eastern Raiders due to play HEYSEN Comets and Southern Blazers facing South Eastern Spartans. The second timeslot saw Mallee Pirates tackling Central Chargers and Northern Knights meeting Western Rogues.



Comets withstand early challenge to keep unbeaten run intact

The singles featured Treloar (Raiders) against Forbes (Comets). Forbes grabbed an early 9-2 lead before Treloar staged a comeback to only trail 12-11 after 14 ends. Over the next six ends, Forbes gained eight shots to two to hold a comfortable 20-13 lead which was sufficient to withstand Treloar’s challenge on the last two ends; Forbes winning 20-17.

Percy/Dickson (Raiders) and Moloney/Gregory (Comets) were nip and tuck for much of their pair’s match with the latter pair finally taking out the match 17-11 after gaining five shots in the last three ends.

Meanwhile, the triples match between Baldock/Hicks/Chopin (Comets) and Lodge/McGorman/Flavel (Raiders) was a game of two halves. The Raiders’ combination held a handy 14-4 lead after nine ends only to see Comets claw back to snatch the match 18-16.

In the end, Comets recorded a 55-44 win.

U21 – The Raiders’ pair of Armitage/Saunders were never troubled against Harkness/Hicks (Comets) taking the match 26-9.




Spartans break through for their first win, at Blazers’ expense.


The singles match between Munn (Blazers) and Fiebig (Spartans) remained a close affair over the first nine ends. Thereafter, Fiebig edged away to lead 21-13 with two ends to go; the final score being 21-17 in his favour.


In the pairs, Black/Wilson (Spartans) had a very comfortable win against Denton(Sub)/Denton (Blazers), taking the match 32-16.

Blazers’ only win on the night was in the triples where their combination of Emberton/Dienelt/Evans took the honours against Kotz/Devlin/Stopp (Spartans), winning 21-12.


The final result saw Spartans win 65-54.


U21 – The clash between Burgess/Denton (Blazers) and O’Shaughnessy/Black(Spartans) was a close match until end 11, after which  the Blazers’ pair surged away to win 17-8.



Central Chargers has comfortable win against Mallee Pirates.


Mills (Chargers) controlled his singles match against Dorr (Pirates) to record a 24-17 win.


Despite a late fight back from Fuss/Forbes (Pirates), the Chargers’ pair of Bowman/Stock took the honours 21-18.


The triples combination of Calyun/Scott/Rowntree (Chargers) were rarely challenged in their game against Degenhardt/Krebbekx/Meekcoms (Pirates); the final score being 21-10.


With wins in all disciplines, Chargers defeated Pirates 66-45.


U21 – The Pairs’ clash featuring Burford/Shocking (Pirates) and Walker/Freebairn (Chargers) saw the latter pair control the game throughout to record a handy 17-10 win.




At the halfway point of the singles match between Coulls (Knights) and Kleinig (Rogues), the scores were tied 8-a-piece.  Thereafter,  Kleinig outscored Coulis 20-6 to eventually win 28-14.

The Knights’ pair of Ward/Pietersma were never troubled in their match against Moloney/Bennett (Rogues), taking the match 22-12.

In the closest match between the two sides, Modra/Geater-Johnson/Schapel (Rogues) edged past Woolfit/Bowman/Taylor (Knights) on the final end to snatch victory, 17-16.

Rogues took out the match 57-52.


U21 – An interesting tussle took place in the match between Olsen/Trenorden (Knights) and Greenslade/Bodnar (Rogues). The Knights pair had a 5-1 lead after 4 ends, but 3 ends later, the Rogues were ahead 13-5. By end 11, Knights were back in the lead 14-13, only to see the pair trail 17-14 two ends later. The next four ends proved pivotal for the Knights gaining ten shots to finally win 22-18.


The Super League standings after Round 4 are: Comets 42 pts, Chargers 36, Pirates 24, Raiders 22, Rogues 22, Knights 18, Spartans 16, Blazers 12.


For the U21, the standings are: Spartans 9, Blazers 7, Knights 7, Rogues 6, Pirates 6, Raiders 5, Chargers 3, Comets 3.


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