SA Super League – Grand Final Day

by BowlsSA2 on September 22, 2019

SA SUPER LEAGUE – 22 September 2019: Grand Final Day


The final proceedings for the Super League 2019 season were approaching with the Grand Final for both the Super League and the inaugural U21 competition to be played out at Salisbury Bowling Club today.

In the U21 competition, Southern Blazers faced Eastern Raiders while in the Super League, Heysen Comets played Central Chargers.


U21 GRAND FINAL Southern Blazers vs Eastern Raiders

This match was a repeat of last weekend’s semi-final clash in which Southern Blazers recorded a comfortable win over Eastern Raiders. Will the same fate await Eastern Raiders or could they cause an upset?

Representing Southern Blazers was the pair of Dylan Lewis and Sam Denton while Stephanie Clarke and Jackson Saunders represented Eastern Raiders.

An even start to the final was observed with Lewis/Denton holding a slim 7-4 lead after 7 ends. The Lewis/Denton combination then won the next 7 ends to expand their lead out to 16-4. While Clarke/Saunders staged a brief comeback over ends 15-17, the Southern Blazers pair already had the match secured. The icing on the cake was the power play ‘6’ on the final end.


Final score: 22-9

Player of the U21 Final: Dylan Lewis

U21 Premier: Southern Blazers


SUPER LEAGUE GRAND FINAL:  Heysen Comets vs Central Chargers

As with the U21 competition, last weekend’s semi-finalists, Heysen Comets and Central Chargers faced off for the Super League premiership; Heysen Comets aiming to win back-to-back premierships.

Representing Heysen Comets in the final: Ashley Halls (singles), Cassandra Harvey and Josh Chopin (pairs), and Stuart Forbes, Tim Hicks and James Gregory (triples). Central Chargers’ team was Craig Mills (singles), Ben Bowman and Wayne Ruediger (pairs), and Fergus Rowntree, Bob Scott and Mark Haines (triples).

In the singles, Mills jumped out to a comprehensive 17-2 lead after 9 ends. Despite Halls winning 9 of the next 13 ends, minimal impact was made on the lead that Mills had accumulated. The final score was 31-18 in favour of Central Chargers.

The pairs’ clash between Harvey/Chopin and Bowman/Ruediger was tight with scores tied 4-apiece after 7 ends. By end 11, Bowman/Ruediger had edged out to a 12-5 lead. In winning four of the next six ends, Harvey/Chopin had reduced the margin to a single shot, but still trailed 16-15. Both sides exercised the power play on the final end; Bowman/Ruediger gaining a vital ‘2’ to win the match 18-15.

Only the triples remained to be completed. The Chargers’ combination of Rowntree/Scott/Haines had control of the proceedings allowing their opponents, Forbes/Hicks/Gregory, to win only 6 ends. Final scores were 18-10.

With the match now concluded, Central Chargers had defeated Heysen Comets in all three disciplines.


Final score: 67-43

Player of the Super League Final: Wayne Ruediger

Super League Premier: Central Chargers


Major thanks to our sponsors of the SA Super League: City of Salisbury, Sports Centre and Lion for their valued support throughout the competition.


With the 2019 Super League season now completed, we look forward to the 2020 season.