Rolling Back the Clock

by Marketing on December 1, 2020

Bowls Australia’s Roll Back the Clock program has been given a glowing endorsement by participants at the Holdfast Bay Bowling Club.

With the club running the program for the first time, participants have been glowing in their praise.

The program aims to boost physical activity rates among Australians aged 65 and over through bowls, light exercise and education.

Health-related reasons (including physical and mental health as well as disability or poor health or injury) are the main barriers for older Australians participating in sport or physical activities.

Currently, only 25 per cent of Australians over 65 meet the Department of Health physical activity guidelines of 30 minutes of activity per day.

Bowls Australia Participation and Programs Manager based in South Australia James Wilson said it was pleasing to see participants enjoying the program.

“It is great to see members of the community, who are over 65 years of age, taking part in Roll Back the Clock and having fun with it,” he said.

“We want participants to see the benefits and be rewarded for attending each of the session.

“We have currently got three clubs running programs in South Australia but would love to see more in the New Year.”

Kent, who takes part in the program and is a member at Holdfast Bay, said the proof of success was in the weekly return of participants.

“We started it in March before COVID hit us,” he said.

“It is going very well. The best testimony for the program is that everybody comes back to every session, every week, unless they are from the country, but locals come to every session.

“We will be looking at doing it long term if possible.

“When we get out of the bowls season, we will go back to doing Mondays and Wednesdays, which is even more beneficial.”

Several other participants also spoke glowingly about the program.

“I enjoy getting up and coming here to do stretches and trying to work on my balance,” said Thelma.

“I look forward to it every weekend. We turn up here full of beans on Mondays and it is usually tough, but Mahesh takes us through stretches and we get into it. Over the past two months we have noticed great improvement in balance and flexibility,” said John.

“I need it, that is why I come along. I need to learn how to do the correct stretching and then I can go home and practice it. I like the social side of it as well,” said Peter.

“I am really enjoying the challenge it gives me at 70 years of age. It is hard to imagine how you have lost all that flexibility, even in the half hour or hour work out, you find that your muscles are sore. Halfway through after a bit of cardio, we need a break, so we have a bit of water. That is the change from being a 20-year-old athlete to a 70-year-old bowler.,” said Bruce

For more information on the Roll Back the Clock program and what is involved, visit Roll Back The Clock – Bowls Australia or contact James Wilson on 0437 527 161 or at