Results State Mixed Pairs 2019-20

by BowlsSA1 on December 23, 2019

Congratulations to the following Mixed Pairs teams that have made the last 16 to be played at Champions Week at Playford BC from Sunday 26 April to 3 May 2020.

Region 1: Wayne Ross and Sarah Ross, Millicent
Region 2: Debbie Dennis and Terry Stringer, Port Broughton
Region 3: Brett Murdock and Jenny Mazone, Wirrabara
Region 4: Ruth Scoot & Tony Scoot, Eudunda
Argent & Chris Jones, Eudunda
Region 5: n/a
Region 6: Robyn Burdett and Josh Porker, Karoonda
Heather and Graham Fromm, Jervois
Region 7: Matt Barrey & Lee Robinson, Strathalbyn
Region 8: Sherri Olive & Ben Bowman (WAS)
Bev Roney & Murray Launer (MAL)
Brent Kelly (Andrew Parsons SUB) & Yvonne Kelly (MAL)

Metro: Karen Gatto (WLK) & Ashley Halls (LOC)
Stephanie Clarke (EBA) & Shaun Sayers (SAL)
Kerry Treloar (BER) & Ashley Klose (HOL)
Sandy Wallace (ADL) & Adrian Green (ADL)
Chris Thulborn (ADL) & Sam Denton (APK)

* Region results will be updated as received.



Metropolitan State Mixed Pairs Results – 15th December 2019:

Section 1: Karen Gatto (WLK) & Ashley Halls (LOC)

Section 2: Sue Coultas (APK) & Geoff Coultas (APK)

Section 3: Liz Gadbsy (HAP) & Robert Schultz (HAP)

Section 4: Stephanie Clarke (EBA) & Shaun Sayers (SAL)

Section 5: Lea Modra (MOV) & Lynton Modra (MOV)

Section 6: Kerry Treloar (BER) & Ashley Klose (HOL)

Section 7: Tracey Kneebone (STU) & Paul Crossie (STU)

Section 8: Ian Farrows (HAP) & Jenny Davis (HAP)

Section 9: Karen Kovaleff (LOC) & Fred Kovaleff (LOC)

Section 10: Sandy Wallace (ADL) & Adrian Green (ADL)

Section 11: Tony Lucas (WLK) & Jackie Field (ROS)

Section 12: Lucy Tiller (BAL) & Nathan Black (WLK)

Section 13: Chris Thulborn (ADL) & Sam Denton (APK)

Section 14: Elain Deakin (HAW) & Brett Willcox (HAW)

Section 15: Julie Gillman (BLK) & Gerald Peterson (BLK)

Section 16: Karlee Moffatt (CBE) & Thomas Jolly (CBE)


For the metropolitan knockout draw to be played on December 22 at Kensington/Marryatville Bowling Club, please click here

*Country Qualifiers for Champions Week will be provided after knockout rounds


Bowls SA in conjunction with the State Event Committee is pleased to release the Metropolitan Qualifying draws for the 2019-20 State Mixed Pairs.