Results for the State Pairs 2019-20 – METRO

by BowlsSA1 on November 11, 2019

State Pairs Results – 10th November 2019:

Men’s Results:

Section 1: David Carter (MOD) & Garry Thompson (BRI)

Section 2: Tyson Wilson (GRA) & Josh Studham (HOL)

Section 3: Nathan Black (WLK) & Craig Mills (WLK)

Section 4: TJ Saunders (EDW) & Paul Sigley (EDW)

Section 5: Chas McCormick (BLK) & Frank Logan (BLK)

Section 6: Jack Trenorden (WLK) & Isaac Trenorden (WLK)

Section 7: Ben Fidock (MAR) & Mason Kaufer (MAR)

Section 8: Trevor Horne (TOB) & Michael Hocking (TOB)

Section 9: Stuart Forbes (HOL) & Craig Goldfinch (HOL)

Section 10: Patrick McGirr (TRA) & Rod Squire (TRA)

Section 11: John Munro (MOV) & Ian Lane (MAR)

Section 12: James Gregory (WLK) & Mark Haines (WLK)

Section 13: Mark Golby (HOL) & Jayden Zeller (HOL)

Section 14: Lynton Keen (TOB) & Daren Niblett (TOB)

Section 15: Jim Bell (HAW) & Dennis Crawley (HAW)

Section 16: Ross White (MOV) & Mitchell Walker (MOV)

Section 17: James Hammill (GAW) & Ross McConnell (SAL)

Section 18: Roy Palmer (WLK) & Alistair Robertson (WLK)

Section 19: Tony Devlin (MAR) & Ken Holtham (MAR)

Section 20: Nathan Marslen (FRE) & Shane Marslen (MOD)

Section 21: Tim O’Leary (EDW) & Ewen Graham (WLK)

Section 22: Roger Kairl (TRA) & Thomas Ellis (GRA)

Section 23: Chris Firth (ADL) & Adrian Green (ADL)


Women’s Results:

Section 1: Denise Edwards (HOL) & Bev Mules (HOL)

Section 2: Lyn Prosso (MAR) & Chris Thulborn (ADL)

Section 3: Melissa Morrow (LAW) & Tammy Butt (MOV)

Section 4: Dianne Green (MAR) & Carli Mitchell (MAR)

Section 5: Rachel Krebbekx (ADL) & Cassandra Harvey (ADL)

Section 6: Joan Prosser (PAY) & Sue Maddern (PAY)

Section 7: Cath Greenslade (RIV) & Jodi Kotz (KEI)

Section 8: Helen Lindner (MUB) & Julie Orford (MOV)

Section 9: Shirley Kipling (HOV) & Raelene Heitmann (HOV)

Section 10: Sue Allen (HOL) & Deidre Hall (HOL)

Section 11: Theresa Emberton (PON) & Patria McGrath (MAR)

Section 12: Kim Westwood (MOV) & Lea Modra (MOV)

For the men’s knockout draw to be played on November 17 at Modbury Bowling Club, please click here
For the women’s knockout draw to be played on November 17 at Lockleys Bowling Club, please click here


Bowls SA in conjunction with the State Event Committee is pleased to release the Metropolitan Qualifying draws for the 2019-20 Men’s and Women’s State Pairs.

In the Men’s and Women’s State Pairs, Metropolitan Qualifiers will compete in sectional and knockout rounds to join country qualifiers to play in the Final 16 to be held at Champions Week at Playford Bowling Club from 26 April – 3 May 2020.

Men’s State Pairs Draw – Metropolitan Qualifying

Women’s State Pairs Draw v3 – Metropolitan Qualifying

State Event Conditions of Play