Results for the Sports Centre State Men and Women Singles 2019-20 – METROPOLITAN

by BowlsSA1 on January 13, 2020

Metropolitan State Men’s State Singles Results – 12 January 2020:

Section 1: A Black (HEN)
Section 2: G Mickan (HAW)
Section 3: D Farmilo (ROS)
Section 4: C Goldfinch (HOL)
Section 5: G Nardecchia (PAY)
Section 6: J Voigt (WAI)
Section 7: A Russell (HAW)
Section 8: M Evans (GRA)
Section 9: S Geater-Johnson (HOL)
Section 10: D Aust (MOV)
Section 11: J Bodnar (HEN)
Section 12: M Percy (PAY)
Section 13: C Dew (MIL)
Section 14: I James (SAL)
Section 15: K Watson (KEM)
Section 16: D Niblett (TOB)
Section 17: J Davis (MOD)
Section 18: C Watkins (APK)
Section 19: M Hayes (PAY)
Section 20: J Studham (HOL)
Section 21: T Feast (TOB)
Section 22: K Morris (TOR)
Section 23: R McConnell (SAL)
Section 24: P Uranjek (GAW)
Section 25: B Napper (BRI)
Section 26: M Lodge (HAW)
Section 27: C Mills (WLK)

Metropolitan State Women’s State Singles Results – 12 January 2020:

Section 1: A Onto (HAW)
Section 2: F Seacomb (WLK)
Section 3: C Mitchel (MAR)
Section 4: L McGorman (PAY)
Section 5: V Degenhardt (ADL)
Section 6: R Callisto (GRA)
Section 7: C Harvey (ADL)
Section 8: K Moffatt (CBE)
Section 9: K Gatto (WLK)
Section 10: T Emberton (PNO)
Section 11: R Krebbekx (ADL)

State Men Singles Knockout DrawAscot Park 

State Men Singles Knockout Draw – Walkerville

State Women Singles Knockout DrawWalkerville

Bowls SA in conjunction with the State Event Committee is pleased to release the Metropolitan Qualifying draws for the 2019-20 Sports Centre State Men and Women Singles.

In the State Singles, Metropolitan Qualifiers will compete in sectional and knockout rounds to join country qualifiers to play in the Final 16 to be held at Champions Week at Playford Bowling Club from 26 April – 3 May 2020.

State Men Singles Draw v2 – Metropolitan Qualifying

State Women Singles Draw – Metropolitan Qualifying

State Event Conditions of Play