Relationship Calls – Round 1

Purpose of the relationship calls is to:

  • Build the relationship with clubs
  • Educate clubs regarding Bowls SA activities and process
  • Opportunity for clubs to share their activities and support needed
  • Identify common issues for future support


Please organise a time to have an extended chat with the clubs in the regions you have been allocated. — (Traditionally it has been with the Secretary or President of each club. The process should take about 30mins each).

Before you call each club, please check the following resources to see what administration tasks your clubs have already completed or what they should be aware of.

As you complete your calls, please ensure:

  • Use the online form to submit each club’s response
  • All calls are to be completed by 26th July 2021
  • You do not need to log calls in Hub Spot

Region allocation

Region contact information can be located in Z drive (Z:\General Office\Clubs by Region updated March 2019).

  • Tom: 1 and 6
  • Sara: 4 and 7
  • James: 5 and 11
  • Lou: 8 and associations
  • Jess: 2 and 3
  • Joe: 9, 10 and 12


The following is a list of questions that should be used as a prompt to seek information from the club.  The questions are also asked in a way to draw out more useful information and the response format allows for greater opportunity for data analysis. 

Member Club Calls - Round 1

Background Info

General Club Health Questions

Uses these questions as prompts to see how the club has been going over the last 12 months. Use the comments section to capture more information.
What recent success both on and off the green has there been?
Are there any issues or challenges that the club is facing?

Administration and Communication Questions

Check information prior to making the calls so that you are prepared and can seek more in-depth responses
Has the club held its AGM?
Has the club provided us with updated office bearers?
Does the club use the generic club email domain?

Bowlslink Questions

How is the club using BowlsLink?
Do you need BowlsLink access updated?
Would the club like some additional Bowlslink training?
If yes, how would you like this training delivered?

Health Club/Risk Management Questions

Does the club's committee/board undertake club health check/risk management assessment?
(Not just physical risk management but assessments of governance, financial, club culture, marketing, membership etc)
Does the club feel confident in managing a major incident if it occurred?
(Ie does the club have risk management, critical incident processes? How would the club manage a situation?)
Has the club provided Bowls SA with its Association Liability Insurance Declaration Form?

Financial Management Questions

Does your club use some form of electric financial management program? ie MYOB or Xero
Do you have any projects that you are looking to gain grant funding for?
Are you aware of the different grant opportunities out there?
(ie have you seen our grant communication)

Bowls SA Communication

Are you receiving our direct communications?
(If they are not, ask them to check junk and mark it as a safe address.)
How often would you like to hear from Bowls SA via email?
(Ie do you feel our communication is spammy or not enough)
What are your thoughts on the Bowls SA website?
Are you aware that Bowls SA are now taking club news stories via an online submission form, which is accessible via the website?

Education & Resource Support

What areas of education and resources would you like to see:
How would you like to see this support delivered?
Would you like to book a club development meeting?

Other Comments