Purple haze on the green

by BOWLSSA7 on February 9, 2021

By Jeff Pistola

Hills Bowling Association (HBA) officials are hoping that the regional greens take on a tinge of purple for this coming Saturday’s round of competition.

The HBA is encouraging its member clubs to support the inaugural Statewide Community Round, scheduled for February 13-14 throughout SA.

State   governing   body    BowlsSA have formed a partnership with the Breakthrough Mental Health Research Foundation, with affiliated  clubs  asked to take part in regards to awareness in the fight against mental illness, and also raising funds towards the cause.

Purple has been designated as the color to be associated with the Breakthrough Community Round concept, and associations, clubs and players are being encouraged to add a tinge of  purple  with their attire or any accompanying decorations.

In his first season as HBA president, Tony Mik has thrown his and the association’s support behind the initiative.

“It is a great event for the Hills bowling community to be part of,’’ outlined Mik.

“I think anything that serves to highlight the issue of mental illness can only be beneficial.

“A lot of other sports have similar events or designated rounds to highlight health issues.

“Overall sport does bring us together as a community, and certainly bowlers as a group are not immune from the effects of mental illness.

“In a way, the round is encouraging people just to be more aware … it is well documented the cases that sometimes go undetected.

“Why not have a chat with your rink- mate, club-mate, friends or even the odd acquaintances when at bowls.

“Sometimes just a few simple words may be the key to recognising signs that a particular person may be struggling a bit with mental health issues.

“When BowlsSA proposed the concept, we as an association had no hesitation in jumping on board, and discussed it as an executive and with club delegates. “Being the inaugural event, there is obviously no proven format, but it would certainly be great to see plenty of purple across the various Hills bowling venues this Saturday.

“It would also be fantastic for maybe a gold coin donation on the day to raise funding for the Mental Health Research Foundation.

“Give the four divisions and a few hundred bowlers participating, I am hopeful the HBA will be able to make a worthwhile donation.

“Again I encourage all our members to get behind the cause, and hopefully the inaugural Community Round sets a trend for its annual inclusion on the bowling calendar in the future.”

BowlsSA chief executive Mark Easton suggested that the innovative Breakthrough Community Round had already found strong interest across the State.

“All of our associations across SA have been great in displaying their support for the concept,” said Easton.

“This just shows how important the battle against mental illness is to everyone in the community.

“We are looking forward to this weekend and having our affiliated associations and clubs around the State going purple for a very good cause.”

Further information on the work  done by the Breakthrough Mental Health Research   Foundation   and   how   to get involved with the Breakthrough Community Round can be sourced @ breakthroughcommunityround.com/.