Kalangadoo Bowling High

by BowlsSA2 on June 2, 2020


Kalangadoo Bowling Club in the Lower South East Association has experienced outstanding highs this year, the most in the clubs history of close to 50 years. The small club of around 30 members has faced difficulties being the only grass green left in the district, being unable to afford the cost of artificial turf.  A few years ago, the cold, wet weather put the green under a lot of pressure. but with expert help and hard work, Kalangadoo have managed to restore a very popular grass green.


While fielding one competitive Pennant team for many years, recently the club has extended itself to field 2 teams. With some surprise, during the past season  both the Division 2 and 5 teams scraped into the Grand Finals of the Lower South East Bowls Association.  Both teams played exceptionally well in the Grand Final and were able to win their games in convincing style, a huge achievement for the small club.


Celebrations were subdued with COVID-19 restrictions forcing isolation only a few days after the grand finals. However Life Member, Peter Lowe had been nagging about a bar re-development for some years…. and the lock-down gave the club an ideal opportunity to do building renovations. With members and local builders unable to escape the South East cold on planned holidays, major renovations were undertaken, focusing on a majestic curved slab of red-gum for the bar.


“Kalangadoo” is a word of aboriginal origin, loosely translated as “red-gums in swamps”, and with the Bowling Green nestled neatly among majestic trees many centuries old, it has been recognized as a fitting modification, and majestic way to celebrate the clubs only duel premierships!



Pictured at the new bar are (L to R), Life Member and barman, Peter Hawke, Life Member Peter Lowe, President Nick Hunt,  and member who supplied the slab and did most of the renovations, Stephen Lowe.

A new redgum clock also reminds members when it may be time to go home…


Div 5 Premiers:

Back: B.Casey (manager), S,Lowe, C. Jones, J. Chuck, J. Mules.

Seated: B. Rogers, A. Brooks, P. Mules, P. Davies.

Absent: M. Sanson, Sue Rogers, D. Hennessey.


Div 2 Premiers:


Back: T. Auld, N. Hunt, S. Kentish, P. Hawke, G. Casey, P. Lowe, K. Stewart.

Seated: G. Rowe (greenkeeper), P. Martin (Manager), T. Gill, W. Dowdell, A. Carlson.



Well done to the Kalangadoo Bowling Club both on and off the green.