Get Bowled Over

Why join Get Bowled Over? 

GetBowledOver is a fun way to be active outside and to make new friends over the summer. It is a great sport that can be modified to suit all different age groups and everyone can be included. GetBowledOver is a state-wide program, so where ever you are there will always be a GetBowledOver session nearby to get involved in.

Why be a GetBowledOver member?

Becoming a GetBowledOver member allows you to attend any of our scheduled GetBowledOver sessions across the state. Access to our Equipment, Activities and Coaching from all our experienced Coordinators. Being a GetBowledOver member allows you to be recognized for future Bowls SA events, receive information on upcoming sessions and be eligible for giveaways and prizes.

Haven’t played Bowls before? Wanting to try something new?
Not a problem everyone is welcome to come and have a go at their choice of Bowling Club. All equipment, activities and instruction will be provided by our friendly and experienced coordinators. Simply bring your enthusiastic attitude. Bowls is a sport that everyone can play which makes it so unique and fun.

Already a Bowls SA member?
Become a GetBowledOver member for free! Sign up at your choice of Region and share your passion for the sport with others.

What ages can Participate?

GetBowledOver is a program designed for Under 18 year olds. Our coordinators are able to cater with smaller equipment and modified activities for the kids under 10. There have been Kids as young as 4 play bowls, all under 18 year olds are encouraged to come along and our Coordinators will attempt to cater so that all can be involved and included. You’re never too young to start!