Game Development

Bowls SA has a strong commitment to the development of Lawn Bowls throughout South Australia. A number of programs are currently conducted that are aimed at introducing young players into the sport, but at the same time looking to further develop the skills of those already involved.

The introduction of Junior Development Squads (JDS) has been a highly successful initiative that is continuing to be rolled out across all regional areas of the State.

Bowls SA is also committed to providing a welcoming and inclusive environment for everyone, with specialised programs for athletes with a disability.

Sports CONNECT is a program created by the Australian Sports Commission and supported by Bowls Australia and Bowls SA. Sports CONNECT is about creating sporting options for people with disabilities, in this case the sport of Bowls. Sports CONNECT was created to define inclusive sport – that sport should be about having access to a wide range of options – thus providing people with disabilities with choices. It is about finding ways for sport to include more people with disabilities in what they do in whatever role people with disabilities chose. It is about helping disability groups understand the many benefits of sport and about demystifying how difficult it is to get involved. Essentially, it is about ensuring those all important links between sports and disability groups are effective and result in more people with disabilities being involved in sport. Bowls SA is committed to providing a positive experience for all bowlers with disabilities through the Sports CONNECT Program. Our Networks include State Disability organisations such as: Wheelchair Sports SA, operating as Disability Recreation and Sport SA

Inclusive Sport SA; and South Australian Blind Bowlers (Ray McKay ph. 08 8265 0891).

There are also events and programs specifically for bowlers with disabilities.

There a many training programs for coaches, officials and volunteers who are looking to work with bowlers with disabilities and these can be found on the Office for Recreation and Sports Training Page

For any person working with athletes with a disability, it is suggested that they obtain a Police Check from Bowls SA.

Please click the following relevant link:

How to apply for a police check

Wheelchair Sports
Lawn Bowls is a sport where people with Physical Disabilities or Vision Impairment can participate equally with able-bodied competitors, although regular wheelchair bowls event are also conducted. There are no rule changes in wheelchair bowls, and competitors can compete on both normal green and synthetic surfaces. To prevent tyre marks being left on the bowling surface, the bowler’s wheelchairs are fitted with wider than usual tyres.


Inclusive Sport SA
Inclusive Sport SA have weekly bowling programs at  Clearview Bowling Club throughout the year.

More information can be found at:

Contact Details
08 8410 6999

More Information

SA Blind Bowlers

Ray McKay
t: 08 8265 0891
f: 08 8265 0116