Grant gives Hawker bowlers $245k reasons to smile

by Marketing on January 8, 2021

Members of the Hawker Bowling Club now have $244,600 extra reasons to smile after receiving a major funding boost through the National Radioactive Waste Management Grant Fund.

The club, which has just 26 members currently, received $244,600 to put towards the installation of a shade cloth over its green, in a bid to make playing conditions more pleasant, while also extending the life of their synthetic green.

The funding will be an important boost for the club, which is looking to develop and expand its numbers in the coming years.

Club president Arthur Tanner said he was over the moon when news came through that they had been successful in their grant application.

“To use Australian colloquialism, I thought you little ripper,” he said.

“We got everything we wanted, which is a nice feeling.”

According to Mr Tanner, the club liked the idea of a shade structure over its green, but it only became a real possibility when the funding became available through the grant program.

“The National Radioactive Waste Management Grant Fund had $2million allocated for this area, including Quorn,” he said.

“One of our members went up to Queensland a few years ago and saw a structure similar to the one we are planning now and thought this is great, because we need shade to develop our bowling skills.

“We all thought it was a good idea and then someone else went to Broome and saw another similar facility and again we thought it was good.

“Then out came the grant.

“A couple of us went to meet a government representative and they talked us through what was required, how we should word things, what they were looking for and what we should do.

“Then another person came on board, who put it in writing.”

Mr Tanner the club was “grateful” for the support it received from numerous parties during the application process.

“Without the support of so many people and groups, we wouldn’t have gotten very far,” he said.

“We went to Bowls SA, Novar Gardens, the bowling club at Quorn and the local school getting letters of support.

“Novar Gardens were very helpful because they have already got one and were able to show the government that it is a good idea.”

Mr Tanner said the club is looking to the future by running programs with the local school.

“We started a program with the school last year and we will look to continue to grow that this coming year towards next bowls season,” he said.

“The schools are behind us. They walk a kilometre or so and have a little roll while our club members try to coach them.”

Mr Tanner said it is an exciting time for the club, with endless possibilities moving forward.