Governance: Model Club Constitution Club Feedback 2022

In July 2022, with the support of our Member Clubs, Bowls SA adopted a new constitution.  Now the Governance Committee is embarking on a review of the Bowls SA Model Club Constitution. The first step in this review is to seek feedback from you, our member clubs, to enable us to produce the most useful model constitution possible by ensuring we consider all of your needs and ideas.

To provide us with feedback please:

  • Complete this online form
  • Upload a copy of your club’s constitution
  • Complete by 9am, Monday, 28 November

A copy of the current Model Club Constitution is accessible HERE.

We are also seeking expressions of interest to join a working party to develop the new model club constitution. If you are interested, please indicate on the form.

Once we have received broad feedback, we will consolidate and review all responses, then based on these responses, form a plan and timeframes to develop a new model club constitution.


Taryn Sexton

CEO, Bowls SA  

Rod Ettridge

on behalf of the Governance Committee

Model Club Constitution: Discovery Paper 2022

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Constitution Feedback

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Work party expression of interest

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