From the Ditch with Scott Thulborn

by Marketing on June 29, 2021

How old were you and what made you take up Lawn Bowls?

I was 14, nearly 15, and Dad was playing Night Owls at Edwardstown and organised for me to do work experience with the greenkeeper, which turned into an apprenticeship and starting Pennants soon after. Dad was a big influence in encouraging me to give bowls a go.

Why the ABC and what are some of your earliest memories of the club?

I remember ABC being the powerhouse of the 1 Red competition when I began pennants in the lower divisions back in the 90’s.  When I moved clubs my first game as Skipper in division 1 Red was against Hooper on C green and I had never been so nervous in my life. Think we managed to draw our rink and was super relieved, but Adelaide got the win overall, which I am happy with now, ha-ha.

When the greenkeeper job came up in I think 2009 at Adelaide I was super excited and felt that If I could get it I would have a great chance to launch both my work and bowls career. Turned out to be the best move ever. Love the club and all the members.

What have been some of the highlights in your bowls career to date?

I have been lucky enough to compete in a lot of the biggest events in bowls and have had some good success along the way but will always treasure the memories of winning my first Premier 1 flag at Adelaide alongside some great people including the old man Wobbly, and winning the club and State championships, plus champ

of champ pairs with Dad and multiple State Triples with Dad and Brett Davis.  

Winning the 2016 World Champ of Champions Singles title must have been amazing, what are some of the key takeaways you learnt from playing so many players?

Yes, it was amazing for sure, playing in the same event the year before and managing a Bronze was good also, but really made the win the next year even more special.

It was really interesting playing players who barley spoke English and had strangely different deliveries and tactics.

Met some really nice people and made many new friends in both of the events.

Standing on the podium to the national anthem was really something special and unforgettable.

What is the strangest thing you have seen on the bowling green?

The most strange and funny thing I have seen on a green was in a State SA vs VIC series, it was the final and deciding Test and in a close game on the second to last end I think, when a 3 legged dog ran out into the middle of the green and sat there right on the centre line in the middle of the rink waiting for a bowl to be rolled so he could chase it.

The dog’s owner eventually came and got him off the green, but it was 5 minutes of fun and laughter.

What do you enjoy most about playing bowls?

Bowls is most enjoyable when playing with good people. I have always enjoyed the tactical side of the game, which involves the friendly banter and trying to capitalise from oppositions weaknesses like maybe their technique or confidence or just talking rubbish to try and get their mind off the game. I find it a really entertaining challenge even when it does not work but it is important to still concentrate on the more important task at hand which is bowling well, supporting your team and trying to win.

What is your favourite halftime sandwich filling or what would you like served?

As a young lad I was always just a vegemite kid, but since Dennis Taylor came into my life it is his famous ham, cheese and mustard sandwich that is the winner.