Female Representation in Bowls in SA; the results are in

by BowlsSA1 on November 20, 2019

The Office for Recreation, Sport and Racing have set a 40:40:20 policy which calls for state sporting and recreation organisation board’s to have a quota of 40% male, 40% female and 20% non discretionary.

So what is the state of play for bowls in SA?

The data is telling us that in 2018/19:

  • 35% of Bowls SA’s board was female
  • 34% of club leadership positions* were female
  • 12% of club presidents were female
  • 23% of coaches were female
  • 30% of active members were female

Relationship Officers at Bowls SA will soon be contacting clubs seeking annual statistics, inclusing the gender split on your boards.  All this data provides a great benchmark and assists with the allocation of resources in addressing the inequalities in participation, leadership and recognition of women in sport.

*leadership positions refer to association presidents and secretaries, club presidents, secretaries, tournament directors, as taken from the Information Directory

Image taken from: Workplace Gender Equality Agency, Australian Government